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Here, smell this. (m - triple)


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Last night I made this pasta thing for dinner, and it had cayenne and paprika in it. When my husband and I sat down to eat I decided it wasn't spicy enough, so I grabbed the spice jars to add more at the table. After we were done I decided to smell the spices because I wanted to see if I could learn to identify them based on smell alone, since they look quite similar. I thought they smelled pretty similar too. I asked him to smell them and tell me if he could detect the difference. I swear on my life I did not have any motives here! But it worked out to my advantage anyway! He smelled them both, and then he started coughing.

I was like "Holy crap, are you ok?"

He said "Yeah, I just got a little too much."

Then he grabbed his napkin, shook it open in one fluid movement, and sneezed wetly into it! I'm such a shitty wife for not remembering how it sounded. I'd spell it out if I could. I think the sneeze euphoria has clouded my memory. I was also distracted by how calm his face was when he reached for the napkin. There was no indication that he was about to sneeze, not even to an old pro like me. Totally caught me off guard as I was expecting him to only blow his nose. It almost made me question whether sneezing was involuntary for a moment!

Anyway, I was like :winkkiss: I started laughing and saying "You did that on purpose!"

He said "No, I swear it was an accident!" And then he turned away and sneezed openly towards the floor, gripping the table with one hand.

Again, I was like "Yes, you did! You totally did that on purpose! You're just trying to get me into bed."

He shook his head to disagree as he averted his eyes towards the lights to coax out a third. His face was starting to fall slack as he built up, but he was smiling because he was just as amused by the whole thing as me. I was mesmerized, but I snapped out of it just in time to hand him another napkin. He accepted it gratefully and caught another harsh sneeze.

I was laughing my ass off by this point, but then he blew his nose. I got mad (playful mad, not serious mad). I was like "Way to ruin it! I'm pretty sure there's no spice left up in there now! You just blew it all out!"

He kept insisting his nose still tickled, but I knew he was just saying that to keep me hanging on. I know how these things work, and I was correct in saying that was the end of my fun. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted.

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This was such a beautiful observation! I love spices and the effect they have on sensitive noses. Wonderful. You must cook with those more often. :winkkiss:

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