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Chem class--M

Quite Contrary

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Ok, so there's this guy in my chemistry class, let's call him M. He's not that tall, maybe 5'9"? I'm not that good at guesing height. Blonde hair, short (as according to dress code ^_^ ) and BRIGHT blue eyes. He sneezes like a cat! I get a sneeze out of him almost every day. Today we were waiting for the teacher and he takes a barely audible breath, and then snaps foreward with a "Pssh!" Then he PULLS HIS SHIRT COLLAR OVER HIS NOSE :) and gives another "Fssht!" with no build-up.

And he sneezes about twice every day. In math class the other other day he did this stifling? thing. He took a shuddering kind of breath and then leans foreward with his hands cupped around his nose/mouth and goes "Heptchu! Chmpt!"

I dunno if he has allergies or wut, but....I'm not complaining! :laugh:

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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