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I need plot bunnies!


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I've been trying to throw another story together, but I haven't got the slightest idea for what to do as an overall plot. I want to do a sort of fantasy type thing this time. I've got various specific situations planned out (sneezy and otherwise...) but I don't have a central plot to put them around. I'm open to just about anything, since I can probably fit most of my smaller scenes to just about any fantasy-esque plot, and I'm sure I'm not going to use all of them anyway.

I also have a couple main characters set, as far as personality and appearance, but I'm also open to character suggestions. Maybe I can work this to include a bunch of main characters too. If you have any sort of ideal character (or even one based on someone you know who you'd like to see sneeze...) I'd love to hear them. Although I'm probably going to write predominantly female sneezing, if I like your ideas enough, I might be able to finagle some male ones out of it too...

I'm sorry if this is a lot or if I sound super greedy and/or lazy (which I am, but let's not get into that... :winkkiss: ), but I sorta want to make this big. As in I keep writing new installments for a while, and wrap it up when I run out of ideas/get to a good stopping point/forget to add more for over a year, etc...

Again, no guarantees that this will be ready any time soon. I just want to see something that gets me going. Once I get a good starting point, I can cook up a story to go along with it fairly quickly.

Even if I don't get anything, thanks for taking your time and reading this, and/or suggesting anything if you did... (and showing that you cared! :innocent: )

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You know, I have absolutely NO idea has this anything to do with what you meant, but I'll throw the first idea that comes into my mind:

A young woman is trying to get hired in a mercenary group to keep an eye on her fiancee. She is very resolute but hot-tempered woman, her fianceƩ is a happy-go-lucky -type. She ends up being more of a hero than her boyfriend. But maybe she suffers of hayfever and has hard time not letting out too high-pitched sneezes? Or maybe she gets sick while saving a damsel from distress (maybe gallantly falling (or diving?) into an icy river and later being reluctant to change into dry clothes as she doesn't want anyone to see her body? Then the men would make fun of her saying something about "that pretty new boy being afraid of showin himself to us 'real men' and things would be really awkward) , who is so grateful that will take care of "him" and "he" has hard time trying keeping up her male-cover. The damsel might actually be quite a wild girl in her own way and feel immediate romantic attachment to her saviour (which she makes little if any effort to cover up), her prince in shining armour, and... lol have quite a lot of interest in seeing "his" body... and our crossdressing mercenary-girl (a redhead?!?!) WILL BE IN TROUBLE, trying to keep her cover from being blew and sneezing all the way.

LOL my brain is a twisted little plot-machine that works on command.

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Those sound pretty funny! I might just have to give it a shot! I'll see if anything else comes along, and maybe I can do a sort of Mix-n-match type of thing.

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