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So, WOW. Like, wow. :lol:. :lol::P :rofl. Holyshit.

So, A and K, my roommates, got some new furniture today, so we basically tore the living room apart and put it all back together again (it looks fucking AWESOME now, though). In so doing, we stirred up a phenomenal cloud of dust. A (description incoming for you imagery-hogs: 5'7", maybe 130lbs, long red hair, blue eyes, curvy and beauteous :hug:) is allergic to dust. It started off with some sporadic sneezing at first, ones and twos at just around conversational volume, sounding something akin to "Heh-tssch!"

It didn't really get gradually worse (or better from my perspective) but at one point it just got really bad (awesome) all of a sudden. She was bent over the entertainment unit running a cord from the VCR through to the TV, and all of a sudden she mutters "Urgghh, my nose... *sniffle* *sniffle*" and stood up, sawing a hand back and forth over aforementioned nose, which was a lovely seashell-pink at the time (I thought her eyes might have had sneezy tears in them too but I was across the room and my memories are of course coloured :rofl:). Next thing I know, she's sneezing basically one right after the other, in all fashions and forms - loud ones, stifles, bled-off ones and fully pronounced ones... all a little high-pitched, because A's sneezes are always kinda girly (surprise, surprise! :twisted:).

"Heh-tssch! Huh-NGK! Huh-ASSSCHEW! Heh-CHH! Heh-CHOOO! Huh-NGK! NGXT!"

This continued for maybe 15 or 20 sneezes, at which point she announced she was going to the bathroom. A claritin and a faceful of warm water later and she was back down to sporadic sneezing, although her eyes and nose were red as christmas lights and instead of ones and twos they were now threes and fours, and a lot more congested.

What a great roommate, eh? ;)


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why I don't have a roommate like yours! :balloon:

Because you're a guy and she's a girl. B)

And actually Yard, if I had a roomate like that, i.e, he would probably be male, and if he sneezed like that, I would be charged with homicide soon after. :rolleyes:

But yes, that was a terrific obs. Thank you. :D


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Lucky you! Is there another dusty room in your house that you can tear apart?

I wish :drool: no, everywhere else in the house might be just as dusty but there's definitely no reason to rip any of them apart. I'll keep you posted on obs, though - that girl is constant with the sneezing these days for some reason :D

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