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Fic request

Shining Light

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Usually I write and don't request, but hey, I figure everyone deserves to ask for something.

Basically, a hot Tudor woman stuck in the confines of a male society is pretty damn appealing. That and she's a tall brunette (which I love). And she's got a great nose. So, I'm asking for a fic featuring her. Sneezes, no noseblows but plenty of buildups, differing strengths of sneezes etc. Hell, if you can get some hiding in there I'm not complaining, but that's not essential.

In return, I'll do a fic. I'll literally write anything, unless I think its completely beyond my capability.

Just PM me if you're willing, or simply post the fic in stories and let me know its done.

Thanks in anticipation.

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Guest Sneezygurl

I find the idea intriguing...I'm kicking around a few ideas, looking for inspiration, but I don't want to make any promises just yet. I hate leaving things unfinished so if I did do this, I wouldn't start posting until it was complete. Sorry I can't commit to more than "thinking about it" at this point.

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There must be a sneezefic lurking around Henry VIII [and his merry wives]. Why did he really get rid of them? And I agree that the latest Ann Boleyn has got a gorgeous nose; but why have they all gone dark; previously at least those two were always fair.

Sadly it would take years for such a story to ferment in my brain, and I'd have to get rid of the image of Ray Winstone as Henry; "Oi, Caffrine of Aragon, you slag!!!!"

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Guest Serenity

Hankman, I still can't send PMs on this forum, but I'd be happy to get some input.

I've got the first part or two written, and read up on a TON of stuff about Anne Boleyn so far. I was thinking of having it span several years, starting with her romance with Lord Henry Percy, and then her spurning Henry VIII later on and then finally her acceptance of him...but having some problems with ending it plot-wise.

Oh, and I hope you don't mind, kushami6, but I thought I'd make it m and f sneezing, rather than limiting it to just Anne herself. Hope that you still like it.

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