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This morning


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This morning I was washing my hairs with a new mint and balsamic pine shampoo.

When I was soaping my head a drop of water and shampoo strains down my forehead and go on my nose and I sniff it unaware. Immediately I felt a monstrous tickle into my nostril and I start to sneeze strong..I stifle the first two but the next no.

I sneeze seven time in a row...my God!

A few hours later I go into the bathroom to try again :drool: , I shake a drop of shampoo in the water and then I wet my finger in it. I pick up a drop on my finger and I put it on the nose, when the drop strains even the nostril I sniff. The effect was immediate, I sneeze strong for 6 times in a row :boom: .

I like so much this shampoo :P

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