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Guest Xylaphone

Ok, so at work today, one of my co-workers was just sneezing her head off!

We work with animals so I actually wonder if it was that.

But anyways, when I saw her I noticed she sounded a little stuffy and was sniffling.

So, as we were talking she began sneezing....and sneezing and sneezing.... I asked her if she had allergies and she said yeah. Now Im wildly guessing it was the dogs. ;)

They kinda sounded like, "HahEhShhh!" with various pitches since sometimes she tried to talk in between a sneeze.

Gkaaafh! And thoes happen to be one of my fave types of sneezes. :drool:

Anywho, as entertaining as it was, it was also bit uncomfortable and awkward. Especially w/my other co-worker blessing her! Now I bless people every now and then but after the like I dunno....10th sneeze I tend to just stop or say, " Bless you 1000 times in advance." :rolleyes: Plus I tend to feel a lil guilty enjoying someone's misery. :unsure:

But the fun didn't last long, for she went to another co-worker who happened to have meds and the sneezing ended.B(

Fun while it lasted. According to her, she's been sneezy like this for the past 3 days! :D

So that was my obs.......and my very first one too!

Yay, milestone! :laugh:

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