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so i've now heard my crush sneeze twice, but i haven't had much time to post because i've been frickin' swamped with homework. So anyways, one day he was in his office and i was in mine and i heard him sneeze his typical "Uptchoo!" and i saw his arm kinda jerk upwards, but his arm was all i could really see of him. i was going to say bless you, but it didn't feel right so i opted not to.

the second time was at my party; we were just chillin in the kitchen or whatever when suddenly i hear this "Hwup-tchoo!" behind me, and it was kinda muffled. i spun around really fast and said bless you, and he had his face burried in the crook of his arm which i found extremely attractive, he said thanks, and i said "i don't think your gay", and he just gave me this confused look. Now see he and i had discussed this thing before where you can like tell if a guy is gay by the way they sneeze, and then he remembered and was like, "oh yeah my sneeze" i nodded and was like, "it was kinda quiet though..." he just kinda grinned and was like whatever.

sorry i know these obs are lame but he's just so frickin hot i had to post them. hope u enjoy!

SweetP :wheels:

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