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a sneeze through the eyes of a poet....


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well...i know ive posted a bit of fiction and sketching here...but really and truly, that is not my first love...im not really an artist, even though i love art, and im a writer for the love of it...at heart......im a poet... i dont generally let people read my poetry...but i thought i'd post this one...its short, and just how i see and feel a sneeze....

this may seem stupid, but bear with me...take a moment....think of the building of a sneeze....think of the rising urgency....the intense sensation that forces its way through....the complete loss of control...the release...think of that when you read.....

the winds of change blow,

pricking the senses and awakening sensations,

the errant release purges forth,

rushing with the loss of control,

stemming from the hidden places,

flushing the skin with tangible emotion,

warmth flowing from deep within,

spreading the shudder to the ends,

shaking the core and forging a desperate cry...

a breath of sound escaping....

when the tremor ends...

all is a blessing.

i hope you enjoyed it. this is a sneeze through the eyes and mind of chui....

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MWHAWHAHAAA! :blushsad: That's so deceptively NAUGHTY to me!

*giggles over stupidly*

*thinks bad things*


I think I have to torture someone now.....*watches Muses scatter*

RUN, boys....RUN! *CHASE*


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you cheeseball!!! get thy mind out of the gutter!!!

although the concept of the sneeze is quite close to the other release :blushsad: this poem is not meant to be about that :wacko:

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Mmmm, I like it. I like it VERY much. :winkkiss: I LOVE sneeze poetry! Thanks for sharing that beautiful piece!

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That was absolutely beautiful, almost made me cry! :winkkiss: Thanks for sharing it with us.

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Oooo I liked. That was really good. This is the first sneeze poem that I read that is totally made of WIN.

Just beautiful. Thanks for sharing it! :fury:

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thank you guys!! there is something so utterly sensual about sneezing...at least from a fetish point of view....and im glad you can see the image i was portraying...

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