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A T-Rex Comic For Umeko


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This looked better in my head. Oh well, I'm hoping the length and the fact that I tried to give it a unique "story" will make up for the fact that...I'm not really very used to drawing dinosaurs.

It's a T-rex. With hayfever. Life sucks for a t-rex with hayfever although...it might just be worse for the other dinosaurs who have to put up with it!

So I hope it's sort of what you were looking for. And I know everyone has different preferences with how sneezes are written so rather than try to please everyone, or no-one by writing nothing, I just went with the standard cartoony type spelling. Hope it's okay.




Enjoy, hopefully! :fury:

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I...! OMG! that is *brain melts and drips out of my ears and my nose forming a puddle on the floor* daaaaaaahhh...... *oogling the screen like an idiot*

Like... so hot :dribble:

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:drool: KK! You draw dinosaurs, LSDHGLKH REALLY WELL! :lol:

WEll, i cant draw dinosaurs for SHIT, so i can really appreciate this :dribble:

Umeko, i hope you're really grateful for this becuase SEIGSDJKLHSDF AMAZING ART FOR YOU!!!

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Oh man, I'm so grateful that you liked this because I was afraid that it hadn't come out very well at all.

Last night I seemed to have this really great idea to make this an ongoing thing where the other dinosaurs try different things to stay safe from the sneezing and before I went to sleep I had ideas for two other bits and now that I've woken up I cannot remember them. :yes:

But if I can think of any more scenarios for the hayfever-suffering T-Rex, he shall make a return...

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Hahahha! Oh, the poor little dinosaurs....:) I really like the last picture, the very bottom-left fellow! It's looks like he's going "Aaaa not again.... Oh well....Guess I'll fly, then" Or something. :yes:

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