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KYA!!! SANJI!!! - (2 Parts)

Guest SakuraUchiha

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Guest SakuraUchiha

My intense love for Sanji just recently rekindled and I wrote a story about his catching a cold. It took up 12 pages in my notebook! :dribble: This was the most fun i've ever had making a fic and i hope you enjoy it!

PS: i watch the dubbed One Piece, so i don't really know Robin's attitude all that well. Don't hate me if it doesn't sound like her!

PSS: a special surprise at the end! :drool:

"There's a strong thunderstorm coming this way, guys," Nami said and put down her glass of water.

Luffy frowned and threw down his cards."Come on. Guess we'll have to play cards inside." He stood up with Chopper and Usopp and went inside. Nami, Robin, Sanji and Zolo followed.

"So when to you think it'll be over, Nami?" Sanji said, grabbed a few things from the cabbinet, and turned on the stove.

Moments later, they all heard the pitter-patter of of rain hitting the wooden deck of the ship.

"Wow. That was fast." Luffy said and continued his card game with Usopp and Chopper. "Maybe it'll-" he froze and his eyes grew wide. "THE FLAG! OH NO, IT'S STILL RAISED! THE LIGHTNING WILL DESTROY IT!!"

"I'll go get the flag," Zolo said boredly.

"I'll help. Lord knows you'll never be about to do it on your own," Sanji smirked and followed the swordsman outside.

The wind slapped their handsome faces and the sky's tears pounded against their backs. Sanji and Zolo grabbed the rope and polled the flag up.

"Let's go back! Hurry!" Sanji cried over the roar of the waves. The two hurried back onto the deck, threw open the door and rushed in.

"Okay. Flag's down," Sanji said and shivvered. "It's freezing out there..."

"Thanks," Luffy said without taking his eyes away from the card game. "So what's for desert, Sanji?"

Sanji's eyebrow twitched in annoyance. "Well, if you must know, it's crem-" he stopped and his eyes narrowed. "Crembru...crembrule- essh-uh!" he sneezed roughly into his elbow. "Excuse me," he sniffed. "Must be the spices. Anyway, we're having crembrule."

"I'm in the mood for chocolate sufle (soo-flay)" Nami said.

"Chocolate sufle it is, my lovely Nami!" Sanji smiled. "Just let me get my pan- ah..." his (freakin adorable) nose twitched. "Eh...ahahaha...."

"Over dramatic," Usopp whispered to Luffy.

"Eh...ah- ACK- chih!!" Sanji was able to catch the wet sneeze in his elbow. He remained in that position, for his sleeve was totally drenched and he didn't want Nami or Robin to see the wet spot. And even if they didn't see it, Luffy would surely point it out and make fun.

"Um...excuse me for a moment," he said and rushed out ofd the kitchen in that position. Sanji ran into the boy's bunker room and quickly threw off his shirt (to show his sexy bare chest) and replaced it with his adorable Gentle Cook shirt. Sniffling a few times, he went back into the kitchen. "Sorry about that."

Robin raised an eyebrow. "Hey, did you just change-"

"Um, you said chocolate sufle, right Nami?" Sanji asked quickly, desprate to avoid Robin's question.

"You guys should dry off or you'll catch colds," Chopper said.

"I don't catch colds," Zolo said simply.

"I'll be fine too," the pervy cook said. He suddenly felt another tickle in his nose. He scrunched his nose up and it seemed to go away...for now.

I know the first part is short, but i really have to go! I'll post part 2 later.

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Guest SakuraUchiha

Forgive me for not continuing earlier, but a was on my death bed with bronkaitis (don't know how to spell it) :) but now i'm better and ready to continue!!

Sanji smiled down at the beautiful chocolate sufle and takoyaki (Luffy kept complaining that he wanted takoyaki so Sanji just broke down and make it). "Okay, who wants desert?"

"MEEEE!" Luffy cried joyfully.

"Okay, but don't throw it at the wall if it's too hot, Luffy. Nami, Robin, my sweets, I hope you enjoy the delectable chocolate sufle I've prepared just for you-" Sanji stopped and felt the tickle return to his sinuses. He trued to scrunch up his nose, but the irritation just got stronger. Sanji glanced around. Oh, crap. The table was too crowded to set the dished anywhere. He had to set it somewhere. If Sanji sneezed into his elbow, the food would fall on the floor. But if he sneezed openly.....Well, he just COULDN'T sneeze openly. It might spray the food.

"Sanji, are you okay?" Chopper asked.

"Yeah....f-fine.." Sanji muttered as sneezy tears began to well in his eyes. "Eh....ahaha....ESHOOO!!!!!!" Sanji sneezed wtly and rather loudly. Luckily, it didn't spray the food....but it did spray Nami. (dramatic music)......Fortunately, she didn't seem to notice....But Luffy DID notice.

He just stared at Sanji. Suddenly, he burst out laughing. "W-W-Was that a s-sneeze!? More like a b-bullhorn!!! HAHAHA!!!!" Luffy howled in laughter.

Sanji sighed in releif. "Excuse me. Sorry about that," he muttered and set the deserts on everyone's plates.

"Are you feeling alright, Sanji?" Robin asked. "You look a little pale and you've really been sneezing a lot."

"Thanks Robin, but I'm fine," Sanji said. He turned away from everyone and put his hand to his forehead. He did have a slight fever...actually, it was a high fever. And he did feel a little dizzy. "...Well, I do feel a little crappy....I'll just go lay dow- itchih! hah-heshoo! hnnxt-choo!" Sanji sneezed into his sleeve again. Sniffling back the conjestion, he mumbled "yeah...I'll just go lay down for a while...."

" 'Kay. Night, Sanji," Luffy was able to say through his mouthful of takoyaki.

The handsome cook sniffed and exited the loud kitchen. He went into the boy's bunker, threw off his clothes, and put on his pajamas. Sanji crawled into a hammock and moaned. Now that he wasn't moving, he could really feel how much his head and sinuses hurt.

Sanji grabbed and few tissues and blew his stuffy nose. "Oh, I feel awf-ah-aitchoo!" he sneezed and sniffled. "Awful."

I might as well try to get some sleep, the thought and slowly began to drift off.


"Sanji. Hey, Sanji, wake up."

Sanji opened his tired eyes and saw Luffy standing over him. "Hmm?...Oh, Luffy, are you guys just going to bed now?"

"No," Luffy answered. "We're just waking up."

Sanji gasped and looked at the clock. 9:18 A.M. "What!? I slept all ni- ow!" he moaned as the horrible ache returned to his head.

"Are you okay, Sanji? Usopp asked and put on his goggles.

"Yeah...I'm fine..." Sanji mumbled and stood up wobbily. "So, who wants breakfast?" he said, trying to get rid of the hoarness in his voice. He went into the kitchen and turned on the stove.

(Once again, I don't know Robin's attitude that well, so don't kill me if it isn't accurate)

"Hey, Sanji. Are you feeling better?"

The pervy cook turned around and saw Robin sitting at the table reading a oaoer. "Are you okay?" she asked again.

Sanji smiled weakly. "I'm fi- eitchoo! Hnnxt!" He sneezed in his shoulder. "Excuse, me, Robin."

"Bless you," Robin said and handed him a hankercheif.

Sanji took it, but quickly gave it back. "Thank you, Robin, but I couldn't. It isn't right for a man to blow his nose in front of a lady such as yourself. Hit-chnn!!"

Robin smiled. "Bless you. And that stuff about how it's wrong for a man to blow his nose in front of a lady is bull crap. It's fine. Go ahead." She grabbed Sanji's hand, opened the fingers, put the hankercheif in his hand and clasped it shut. "Now, BLOW."

Sanji hesitated. "Um...alright." he blew his stuffy nose. It made a gurgily, adorable, quiet sound. He sniffled and mumbled "thanks."

Robin put her hand on his forehead, but quickly pulled it back. "Oh my God! Sanji, you're burning up!"

"Oh, I'm fine," Sanji said and forced a weak smiled. "Heh0hehsnn! Oh..." he wobbled and fainted.


Zolo and Luffy were about to catch him before he hit the floor.

"Sanji!? Sanji, are you okay!?" Chopper cried.

The unconsious cook began wheezing heavily and sweat began to trickle down his scarlet face.

Zolo stared down at his suffering frenemy (friend, but an enemy too) and clenched his fist. "Come on...don't leave us, Ero-cook...."


"Heh.....HASHOO!!!!" Sanji sneezed himself awake that night. He was dizzy and nautious, but he could still see all of the boys sleeping around him. "Heh-hnnxt! Heshhh!!! Tchih!" He sneezed genly. Sanji grabbed a hankercheif and wiped his runny nose.

"Bless you."

Sanji glanced to his left and saw Robin standing at the doorway.

"Robin...what are you doing up?" he murmered.

"I couldn't sleep," Robin whispered. "Aree you feeling and better?"

"A little," Sanji whispered back. "I still have a few sneezes left thought. God, it's awful. Ah-ah- phew...." A hand had appeared and slid the index finger under Sanji's nose. "Thanks."

"No problem." Robin walked over to him, careful not to step on any of her crewmates who were still sound asleep. She put her hand on Sanji's forehead. "Well, you're still pretty warm, but not burning like before....I'm glad you're okay, though."

Sanji raised an eyebrow. Robin actually cared? That was as likely as Nami giving up five million berries or Luffy giving up a steak.

"Thanks," Sanji murmered. "Eh-hmmph! Hnnxt! Ah-CHEH!!" he muffled the sneezes in his sleeve. "Excuse me,"

Robin softly smiled and gave him a tissue. "Bless you. Try to egt some rest, okay?"

Sanji nodded. "Okay."

She exited the room and he slowly began to drift off to sleep.


"Wow! I feel great!" Sanji yawned the following morning. "I guess rest was all I needed after all."

"Yeah, yeah, so can you cook again?" Luffy asked as his bottomless pit of a stomache growled.

Sanji scowled. "....Heh heh! Yeah, sure. Who wants eggs?"



Chopper, Luffy, Sanji and Usopp turned around and saw Zolo rubbing his nose.

"Looks like you caught a cold after all, Zolo," Sanji chuckled as everyone but the sneezy swordsman burst out laughing.

(Roll end credits)

Wha'd ya think? Be brutal, I can handle it...

Okay, don't be brutal!

Well, that was fun and I hope you all enjoyed. My next fic will be up sooner than you can sneeze. :(

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