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Male Sneezing


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I proctored an exam today. The students were about ten minutes into the examination when a medium-built, African American young man, about six feet tall, with light brown eyes, walked in and took the seat directly in front of the desk where I was sitting. I gave him a copy of the exam and he started writing. Suddenly I heard a deep inhale, almost like a gasp. I looked up just in time to see the young man's eyelids slide close over his brown eyes. He threw his head slightly back and lurched forward. I thought for sure I was in for a treat of a gigantic sneeze, or two:twisted:. But much to my surprise, he stifled three times. The stifles were rapid, but barely audible. I can't spell the sound, but I wish I could. I know he saw me staring at him, but he simply sighed and went back to writing his examination with no recognition of having sneezed. But I was delighted.

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