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Drunken almost, then drunken obs (f)

Shining Light

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Usually I don't post obs, but this was cute.

So this girl, G, and I were basically walking around a field drunk, after a party got a little out of hand and we needed some breathing space. And we are talking bout G's sister, who even with a few WKDs in her still hasn't got the courage to ask me out (and this is a very long ongoing thing). And this was just the culmination of her friends doing it for her; G wanted to know the situation.

Anyway, we're talking and suddenly she gets her index finger and puts it in the standard 'stopping myself sneezing' pose. She then hitches "ehhh...", and lets herself relax.

"Sorry, I thought I was gonna sneeze. You know how embarrasing my sneeze is."

Needless to say, I very nearly lept on her. Luckily I restrained myself.

Later, she obliged my fantasies with an adorable double. She got her standard pre sneeze face, which is a glazed look, hand hovering in front of flared nostrils. She sneezed down into her chest, her hand obbscuring complete view. "Shooo!" She then hitches audibly, waving her hand in front of her face. At this point someone feels it appropriate to start poking her with a broom (halloween party), whereupon she puts down her hand and sneezes into her shoulder. "Hupp-CHOO!".

"Bless me."

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Excellent observation. I love that question, "Do you know how embarrassing my sneeze is?" :) "No, how embarrassing is it?" So if the sister doesn't have the courage to ask you out, and you, presumably, want to go out with her (you didn't say that you didn't at any rate), why don't you just ask her out?

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