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anti climactic, and mistaking a cough for a sneeze


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the first one is of my friend when we were at rehearsal really late one night. me and my other friend were practicing our scene and i told my friend to watch me walk to make sure i looked seductive enough lol and he was looking at me and then suddenly he got this really slack look on his face. i was like "what are you doing" and then his face got really pre-sneezy and he was like "i'm gonna sneeze in a second..." then he erupted with this "KUH!" me and my other friend kinda jumped away from him because he just sneezed really openly or whatever. but the sneeze unfortunately was something left to be desired, it sounded like a cough. i put my hand on my hip and looked at him rather displeased and said, "well that was anticlimactic." and he just rubbed his nose and laughed. then we got back to practicing my walk lol.

the second thing was when i was out with my crush and his friend, we were walking into this store and he coughed but it sounded quite a bit like a sneeze, so i said "bless you" cheerily, as i always do. then he was like, "i coughed, i didn't sneeze" and he smiled at me and then added, "but thank you anyway" i kinda giggled nervously and i said "ooo....well oopsy..." lol.

i know they weren't the best of obs but oh well. Deal with it!!! lol jk

SweetP :wheels:

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