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AWESOME obs day!


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I have another obs but i cant even BEGIN to word it right. It was just fecking AMAZING. Too much to write. I'm going to draw it later on, i promise you that. Becuase SDGHSLDKHCRAP. :yes:

to calm myself down i'll just give you the female obs today.

We'll start off at the start of the day, shall we? I'll try not to make it too long since i do tend to drawl on when im obsing.

Came in to meet a friend at roll call this morning in House. She was talking to a friend and moved aside to let me into the conversation. She's medium height, athletic build and red-blonde hair that she ties in a high pony tail. Very academic, very leadership type of person. Well, she IS house captian.

She was a bit watery eyed and i was suddenly involved in a conversation about how she went to a teachers office this morning and couldn't stop sneezing becuase she was allergic to perfume and the teacher was wearing it.

She had just got back and after finishing the sentence, stifled a double in her usual way. She ALWAYS doubles :blushing: I LOVE it, becuase well, it gives you time to change your view. :twisted: I got a FULL view of the second one, as she cupper her hands and bent over to;

"Hah-knxt! URRGHH!! I'm still going!"

Later on that day, she was talking to our year 9 House mentor, who ALWAYS wears this stuff that makes her smell a bit like soap.

She came back and sat down and the conversation went as follows:

E(her): ARGH.

Me; What?

E; *waves hands in front of face* She's wearing that soap crap and it's going to make me sneeze!

Me; Umm... damn :rolleyes:

E; hah-knggt-ehh! Hih-gnsht-ooh! F**k!! *sniff*

Me; :laugh: bless you

At this point the attention from the others aorund us moved and they started a different conversation. E pulled off another 2 :hyper: She didn't manage to stifle the last, coming out as a halfassed "kshoo!!"


The second one was from a dainty girl who is quite short, with long, very straight dark brown hair and a nice fringe.

We were sitting in history listening to Mr O RAMBLE on :( About.. something or other :lol:

And she sneezes... 4 times. :omg: She NEVER sneezes four times! :lol:

She's also a stifler. But she's the type that stifles becuase she's shy.

She tucks her head into her chest, puts her hand under her nose and lets out a little

"Het-knsh-oh!" onto her index finger.

Now, i see her sneeze a lot, but it's the finale that makes the whole "experience" :lol:

She'll sit, for minutes on end, sniffling very daintily, with her hand soft against her nose. :lol: Like, MINUTES! :lol:

It's cute :blushing:

Anyway, i'll stop there. *inspects* Looks like my attempts at keeping it short failed.


Now i have to get my head around an experience today SO unbelievably hot i cant comprehend. :laugh:

Will inform you later. :)

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Don't ever try to keep your observations SHORT. There's no need as they are perfect as they are. ^_^

Can't wait for the other one. Lots of details please! :laugh:

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Anyway, i'll stop there. *inspects* Looks like my attempts at keeping it short failed.


:blushing: I can relate, I've stopped trying (though I still claim I'll try), you should stop trying too, I like it, plus at least your writing has some 'bounce' I think mine lacks our could benefit from ... (oh that was a compliment in case it didn't come off like one) :lmfao: *thumb up*

Terrific obs :hypoc: I am amused by the concept of leaving her hand there minutes, that's, that's a long time to leave a hand under a nose :P

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Lovely; and yes, what can the other one have been like?

I love the way you describe your reactions and comments. "It's going to make me sneeze..." "Umm... damn."

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