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awww this was cute


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ive got my bf, L, to come to the dark side. :laugh:

no, really.

lately, ive been battling pnemonia.

well now that im getting better, im also possibly relapsing, which means im going through the whole process over again.

or it could be allergies, i dont know.


but anyways, last night i was laying in bed next to my bf.

i was laying on my side facing away from him and he was on his side snuggled up next to me with his arm around me.

(gah, i love it when he gives me random attention)

i then had this 3-5 second buildup (that embarassed the hell out of me) and i sneezed a double.


the first one was a half ass sneeze but still a sneeze and the 2nd one was much harder and more wet.

i appologized and sniffled and he pulled me closer to him and gave me a squishy squeeze hug and blessed me!


a rare occurance.

i think he has only blessed me one other time since weve been together and thats when we first moved in together!

then he kissed me on my shoulder and snuggled up some more.



edited because i cant spell for shit.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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