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ice cream store obs (f)


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I was at Shirl's drive in last night getting ice cream. The girl behind the counter was about 18-19 years old. She had dark blond hair, brown eyes, and a largish nose. She was wearing jeans and a blue rugby shirt and had her hair up in a short pony tail. While she was taking my order she freezes for like a half a second, grabs the left collar of her shirt with her left hand, tucks her head down and to her left, pulls the collar of her shirt over her nose and sneezes "chuh". She looks up at me and says "excuse me" (I LOVE it when they do that). I blessed her and she took the rest of my order.

While I was waitng for her to make my order the girl at the drive through window sneezed. She was in her early twenties, with short light brown hair with blond streaks in it. She was also wearing jeans and a blue rugby shirt. As she was taking someone's order she let go of the intercom, grabbed the right collar of her shirt, bent her head down and to the right, puller her shirt over her nose and semi stifled one "hngk--choo". She then keyed the intercom and asked the customer to repeat his order.

They both probobly thought I just loved ice cream cuz I wa really smiling as I left.


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