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A Little Comic-Sasuke From Naruto (m)


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Okay, I was shy to post this because...I know this is a well known character and I was terrified of ruining him for everyone. Plus, this was part of an art trade and wanted to get permission from the recipient first before I posted it publicly. But, I got that permission so I figured I'd be brave and stick it up and hopefully all the Naruto fans won't kill me.

'Tis a comic. Done with comic tones (and some shading in photoshop) because we all know any other type of colouring is not my forte. It's Sasuke from the anime Naruto. Which...I've never watched so don't kill me if I got him a little bit wrong.


KK flees! :sleep2:

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Oh, KK... when will you stop being so shy about this and realize how FREAKISHLY TALENTED you are!!? This comic is just... *melts!* ...SO adorable! :sleep2: I love it! The look on his face in the last frame...I just want to hug him! :P

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Don't be such a shy-shy.

Why would anyone kill you for this? Why would even the most hard core Naruto fans kill you for this? <3

It's really good, and he looks so sweet. Especially in the last panel :sleep2:

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:sleep2: The third panel kills me dead, he looks soooo adorable and needs many hugs and hot coco. XD

Nope, this Naruto-fan thinks you did a great job and I'mma save and giggle on it for a long while. :P

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Aww :wub: this is so cuuuuute... And so well done! :lol: .... I've got such a ridiculously soft spot for wet-and-sneezy boys... :blushing: experiencing a sudden need to cuddle something... where is that baby rabbit?

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The expression on the last frame nearly killed me. :omg:

It's just like a little movie! Like, the use of angles and hurr, EVERYTHING is just so effective!! :omg: He's REEEALLY cute. :blushing:


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Guest Posaune

Daww, I don't know how you did it, but you made Sasuke look absolutelyfreakingawesomely adorable, especially in that last frame. BWEE, the cuteness, the cuteness! :omg:

Keep up the good work, KK! :D

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oh...KK...you vixen! you're absolutely filled with the most sexilicious evil mischief!!!!! seriously...this is just awesome!!! you managed to take a fandom, not your own, and sketch the charater so amazingly accurate...and beyond that, you got his personality PERFECT!!! to the point where, when Sasuke saw this, he groaned and pouted that you managed to catch him so well...and so miserable :D

such an adorable one...oh my yes....i think i shall continue to fangirl on this for quite some time.... :blushing: the coloring is so well done!! and yes...i cant help it...you got him just wonderfully....i can so hear him blaming the rain....and by the muse's pout....i'd say he does it often....

now...where can i get a rain storm.... :whistles: no...of course i wouldnt lock my own muse out of the house in the pouring rain so he'd get all sniffly.... not me! :omg:

yeah...i know....you're not buying it.....i wouldnt either... :omg: and on that note...

*chases after muses*

it may not be raining...but ive got keys and a garden hose!!!!!

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Okay, SO glad that so many people liked it...even more glad that fans of the anime approve. It's a little daunting to draw new characters if you just know them from pictures you printed out. So I'm very grateful that it was well recieved.

Chui: How delightfully wicked...not that I'd ever do that to my muses of course. Okay, nobody's buying that, are they? :jawdrop: Well, there's some lovely rain over here plus a fine November chill if he ever wanted to visit here for a..."fun holiday" :omg:

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MWHAHAHA! :omg: I DO wish you could have heard the way Chui squealed over her boy whilst we were chatting on the phone the other other day. I was MOST amused and I can CERTAINLY see why she went JFLSDKFJSD because JFLSDKJFLSDKJFLSDKFJDSLKFJLSDKFJLSDKFJSLJFLSDKJF!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!

Okay, I don't know anything about Sasuke other than what Chui has told me, but you SO nailed him, KK!!! That's so wickedly adorable, I just can't stop giggling myself!


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Oi! Kitteeeee! Come back so I can GLOMP you and bowl you over with my GNSDKLHMVZRRG bouncy PRAISE for the absolute KAWAAAIIIIII-ness of it!!!!

:omg::jawdrop: He is ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE SQUARED SQUARED!!! I love the setup and his expression and the blushy cheeks and the shivering silhouette! You are wonderful!

:omg: Thank you for sharing this with us!

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i might just have to send him over there to visit that lovely rain and chill.....

*eyes muse*

quite amusing to see a ninja back away in obvious discomfort.... :drool:

*nope..not sorry for him at all*

heehee...i must be an evil bastard!

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KK my broadband was broken *kicks computer (gently so as not to cause any more problems)*

I come back and......well........it's just gorgeous. So much expression.......And such lovely rain.......And

Well just Yum !

Can I eat him please Chui? Just this once? :yes:

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Can I eat him please Chui? Just this once? :twisted:

but...but....but.....but...... :hug: *sniffsniff* what will i do without him if you eat him? :lol:


see KK.....now everyone wants a peice of my boy!! your art is just too friggin hot!!! :twisted:

*runs off to giggle in a corner*

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Gee, I never thought everybody would be so darn nice about it. I should dabble in popular fandoms more often... :twisted: Thanks, all!

MWHAHAHA! :hug: I DO wish you could have heard the way Chui squealed over her boy whilst we were chatting on the phone the other other day.

Well, if it made her .01389 as happy as her fic made ME...then I will be pleased! :wacko:

Vetinari: Evil broadband! Mine does that sometimes too? How can something that makes life so convienient and easy be such a pain in the arse at the same time.

Chui: Well, perhaps it's partially HIS fault for being so damned cute! :lol:

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Awwww, poor Sasuke! :wacko: And the sniffle at the beginning is also sweet! :lol: Man, you rock at drawing cute thingies! :hug:

I'm so glad you're keeping this up! :twisted: Thank you for everything you've done so far.

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