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boyfriend's cold (long)

Guest laj62213

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Guest laj62213

I have been a part of this "community" for years and have yet to really participate, although I am on the boards all the time. I feel like I owe an observation and for those of you who like colds, this is a good one...

The other night, my boyfriend called and told me that he had a sore throat and felt like he was getting sick. He said he hoped he wasn't getting sick because when he catches a cold, they're always really bad ones and, sure enough, the next day he woke up with a horrible cold. His cold was mainly a verrrry sneezy one with a LOT of noseblowing, sniffling, dripping, etc.

Before I really get to the actual observations, I will add that he knows about my fetish and although he is completely cool about it, he definitely does not understand the full weight of what his being sick does to me. The minute he even tells me he thinks he's coming down with something, I am crazy with horniness and the intensity of this lasts the entire time he's sick. Plus, the fetish, which is always an issue with me (since I was about 3) is out-of-control in a situation like this. So he knows it's turning me on and all but he just doesn't know the way it truly makes me feel, which I'm sure you all understand, especially while reading this.

Anyway, back to him...for the past 2 days he's been nothing but sneezy with the runniest nose I've ever seen on anyone. He is prone to using puffs and went through at least a box or two until he really started complaining about how sore his nose was beginning to get and tried to stop blowing so much, while only made things worse....nose dripping out of control, catching it all over his clothes (sounds disgusting, but for some, including me, it was a turn on), and when he had to resort to something, tissues, paper towels, etc. He was literally grabbing a tissue at least once every minute until he gave up on them.

He sneezed about 12 times throughout the afternoon I spent with him. Usually about once, or sometimes 2 times in a row, every forty minutes or so. Huge, powerful loud sneezes that took complete control of his body, making him double over, and usually jumped up right after running to the bathroom to wipe his nose some more. As much I try to convince him that nothing he does while sick disgusts me, he still finds it hard to believe.

Aside from this cold, he is a honker. When we first started dating, I found it to be really weird that someone honked as loud as he did every single time they blew their nose. In a way, it kind of disgusted me at first but I became increasingly used to it, to the point that it actually turned me on after a while. But during this cold, the blowing/honking is in full force, each nose blow is so loud and ferocious that he'd continuously warning me, if I was talking, to stop for a minute, as it was impossible to hear anything while he is blowing. Every time he would sneeze I got hornier and hornier. It actually became very difficult for me to stay there all afternoon because of what this was doing to me.

He had this one, particularly intense sneeze that really stands out...he was walking around, probably on his way to grab a tissue anyway, when all of a sudden, he stopped, mid-walk, with the whole pre-sneeze expression on his face...he looked at me as if to say "this is going to be a big one" and stood there for several seconds, eyes half-closed and all, trying to will it out. Finally, it just exploded and nearly knocked him over. His nose, at this point, was literally so runny that it was dripping onto his shorts and was kind of just all over him....he grabbed tissues and just held them there for a while, catching it all. I was in total ecstasy.

Anyway, I hope this observation is enjoyable to you all and I would LOVE some feedback if anyone feels like it......

- laj

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Brilliant description. I have to express solidarity as a guy who also blows his nose like a foghorn every single time I get a handkerchief out! I've often wondered how other people saw it, especially since I really shout my sneezes out nearly as loudly. I've decided that, since I'm a huge honker and am glad to be able to clear my nose that well during a cold, as I suspect your boyfriend is, "karma" has decided to punish me by making me a slave to that nasal itch during every single cold or allergy attack.

BTW, I agree with the thing about not talking to someone who's trying to blow their nose, I can't hear for the noise myself and normally deafen the person who's with me as well!

I guess I'll be lucky to find such an "understanding" girlfriend to tolerate my loud nose-blows :)

Take good care of your man ! :)


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Guest hankyblow

Hey I was wondering why when your boyfriend has a cold he doesn't just use a hanky. I know myself I always find them so much softer and also you can use them more than once, so you don't end up with a bin full of used tissues and empty boxes.

Maybe it's because I'm in the U.K but I always use a hanky rather than tissues. Would you find it really gross if your bf used a hanky?

Just wondered,


P.S I always honk when I blow as well, I think it might be a male thing!

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