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Ah Tuesday, another exciting class of Geography! I'm just about the only one who think so though....most people find my prof.'s "learning through humiliation" tactics degrading and, well for lack of a better word, humiliating. :D

Today he gave us a couple of exams, yes a couple, and the second one contained material he knew we hadn't covered yet.......so unless you knew the entire text already it would be pretty much impossilbe to get a 100%. *sigh* So I got a 94% and was pouting over the injustice of it all when my friend R sitting behind me did something to make me feel better. :laugh: A quick description of R is that he's 19, brown hair and eyes, about 6ft, has a slight muscular build and is absolutley gorgeous. :D He sneezed first into his hand, and I'm sorry I can't spell it out, it caught him by suprise and he tried to contain it because people were still testing, but a few second later he gave a nice more desperate "Mmphf!" into his shirt sleeve followed by a small sigh and light sniffling.

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That is so awesome! Who doesn't love it when a cute guy sneezes into their shirts, all muffled, and brightens your day? Thank you, this obs made my day! :)

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