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Ever since the time change I've been finding it really hard to sleep past 6:30. So today, because I had nothing to do at home after getting up so early, I went to school extra early. I was in the class room an hour and a half before class, and about 40 mins before other students. For me this is the perfect time to study. So I was flipping through the book and I got "that feeling." Now I don't know why I felt the need to try and stifle them seeing as I was alone but I caught the first one in the sleeve of my jacket "Hh-mmph!" and a quick second "Hh-chhu" the same way. I went back to reading my book when the feeling came back so suddenly I didn't have time to do anything but catch it in my hand. It was a very wet and desprate "Hh-Chhss!" .....and did I mention wet :drool:

Two and a half hours and one midterm later, I found myself early for my second class of the day. I've never gotten to this class early before and apparently neither do many other people. Apart from myself there was only one other person, a girl seated on the opposite side of the room. Since we had about 15 minutes to wait I started digging around in my bag for my notes when that tickle came back again! I never have build ups, but as I extracted myself from my bag my breath was hitching "Hh-hh-huh-CHHSS!" I mangaed to cup a hand over my mouth in time to, for the seond time, catch a very wet sneeze, that had me sniffling for the rest of the class. The girl blessed me and I thanked her and nothing else happened for the rest of our wait.

Once class started and I went into la la land, a girl a few seats down from me snapped me back to reality. She too had tried to muffle with her jacket but gave up and sneezed into cupped hands. "Hh-mmphf.....Hh-chhhu!"

Then in my thrid and final class of the day a girl seated a row behind me to my right sneezed a sudden loud "Ha-CHEW!" There were a few scattered blessings for which she said thank you, then another loud "Hh-CHHEW!"

Hope you enjoyed! :D

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Bless you, that was a nice obs :) I'm glad I scroll :D

But gosh I can't imagine getting to any class THAT early >.< I'm way nocturnal ;)

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Oooh, yes, a very nice collection of obsides. Of course, the selfpart is best because you get all the lovely detail of the feelings and wetness; or possibly feeling the wetness!

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