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L sneezed at the gamestop today...


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so my L was trading in some games today...

so he could get guitar hero 3



the dude at the counter asked for l's ID for some reason..

then L quickly turned his whole body around and bent over with a huge sneeze.

his normal "hetchew!" sound.

then after he showed him his ID, the counter dude asked for L's card...

L then turned to me and said.. "i dont think i have it, i think it gave it to your brother"

and i said "gave what"

then L had the presneeze expression on his face as he shook his head no and sneezed another time.

same sound but slightly more wet.

obviously he doesnt like my fetish so nothing came of it.

i blessed him and that was the end.

he sometimes gets mad if he sneezes and i act like im paying attention to him..

i think it embarasses him..

i dont know..

i wish he liked my fetish...

hence why capt. dread is better.


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