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Frost and Sholto


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Well! There has been a surge in computer coloring on the board lately, so I was inspired to bust out my wacom and color this one. Its a really quick, half ass job on the comp, and I think I plan to colored pencil the original later, just to compare. If i do I'll post it in this thread.

Well, this is Frost and Sholto in bed with a fever...that Sholto caught from Frost. These two together amuse the hell out of me. Because it just seems like they would be friends. And I giggle at the thought of the Killing Frost having a little friend. >.< Like they are my kids I take to the park!


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*giggles like total stupid* Awww, such lovely, miserable boys. :wub: I'm all warm and fuzzy inside now. :lol: Thank you for sharing!

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*shoves Doyle away from the screen so he'll stop laughing like a hysterical idiot*

GET AWAY, you Highland STUPID!! :lol: You know you like seeing the King in that state. ADMIT IT. *FLEES*

I know I JFLSDKFJDS-ed at you on AIM for this but I must JFLKSDJFSDLKFJDS here now beca---:boom:AW, DAMMIT! My FECKIN' PANTS!!! *Brushes ash off lap* :lol:

I love how Sholto is doing his "typical" hand-in-hair thing looking all cold and miserable while Frost is like, "gah, is it hot in here?" :lol:

Uh yeah...it's HOT in here, alright!!

We so need to write some manner of stupid between these two....:sillybounce:

Ehheheheeeeee......! *goes off to molest Sholto while Doyle watches* :wub:


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*convulses in joyfulness* I love how you draw boys. They're all so...ggnn.. Bah. Just say you wish you were inbetween them right now. Germs or not...

Thank you for this wonderful mass of wodnerfulness O:

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Oh dear. My. Oh. Ah. :lol: What wonderful boys.... I bet the hottest place in this solar system is right between those two.... :wub: What can I say? Maybe I don't even try. I'll go and melt under my table now, k?

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Squeee! Is it wrong of me to think that their misery is enjoyable? :lol: Really though! I love the poses, and zomg, I looooove the bed. -Totally wants to curl up between them- Fantastic job (as always~)! :wub:

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FUCK that's sexy! :wub: Gods, that all-suffering Sholto with a finger under his nose and a hand in his hair... Drama Queen Deluxe.... :lol: Mmmmmmmffff, I want to GRAB him. Yes. And I LOVE what Frost is thinking XDD

You've got such a marvellous way with facial expressions! And the colouring is lovely... eeheeheeheehee pink nosies... :boom:

*looks again and again and again* OOWEEE!!! Wrongbadfunkawaiicandy :sillybounce:

THANK YOU for making my day :lol:

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Heehee! Thank you all once again for your lovely comments!

Aku: yes, we need to write stupidness between these two for sure :wub:

Nova: wow, thanks! That's a great compliment, especially coming from you who can draw guys so well. I used to suck at drawing guys except for Hercules, until these boys came along and chased it outta me! :boom:

and Maru-chan: Ha! Yes Sholto is a drama queen...but don't let him hear you say that :lol: Oh, and btw, I just read your sig for the first time correctly...was COMPLETELY AMUSED! *LOL* I always giggle when I hear that color song. :sillybounce:

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Oh look at those two! So much hair........so much misery.......so HOT!

Yum! :wub:

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Ahhh, 'scuse me, but I HAVE to say it again: THEY ARE SO GRMVZNKXDZTNGHDS HOT!!! And did I mention freakishly well-drawn...? :laugh:

(EEEEE... you recognised my sig :blink: It IS le hilarious, isn't it?)

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by all means let me know if they find a bell.... as i shall steal it and do bad things :winkkiss:

ahh....such lovely lovely boys....but i have to say my favorite part...is your comment about Killing Frost have a "little friend"..... :yes: something tells me the King has never been addressed as such....

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