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Nose-sucking in a film?

count tiszula

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I was idly googling certain fetishes the other day and came across a couple of general articles about "nose-fetishism".

About the only real info I gained is that there is supposed to be a film character whose erotic foreplay includes what they call nose-sucking. I will now wait for twenty minutes while everyone has a chance to say "EWE".

There. Anyway, the film is called "Americathon" and it is a broad dystopian political sci-fi comedy, if you follow me. I can't find much more about it, but the comic American President character apparently has a Vietnamese girlfriend who has this hilarious quirk.

Sounds interesting, but the film sems to have failed and sunk without trace, though oddly it rings a distant bell. Was there perhaps a sequel?

I don't suppose anyone knows about it, or has even seen it?

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I just read the Wikipedia article on the movie. It sounds facinating, and had quite a few big names in the cast. I'll let you know if I track it down.

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