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Early morning nose-blowing(M)

Guest nysailor17

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Guest nysailor17

Hey all, good morning. Sorry it's been a while since I've posted here. I just recently moved up to Washington State. It's really pretty up here. My allergies are really weird up here. While I was in California, my nose would go crazy. I was constantly blowing my nose. When I would do it, there was almost always yellow or clear stuff and lots of it. While up here, I don't blow my nose all that much, but when I do, it's usually not too much. My worst blows are in the morning when I first get up. I usually get a lot of stuff out, usually yellow and clear; or it's really dry and there's lots of honking and a little bit comes out....clear and/or yellow.

Well, this morning's nose blow was the dry and honking type. I made a wav for it. I am gonna see about posting it on Bondi's Wav page. I figured, if I have some good blows, why let them go to waste, right?? Here's my self-observation of my blow this morning (about 10 minutes ago). I was sitting in front of my computer and felt like I needed to blow my nose. So, I grabbed a couple of tissues and folded them over. I have a large orange box of Puffs (regular) tissues. THe tissues are white. I almost always use Puffs tissues. They're so soft. So, I took the two tissues, and after folding them, I put them to my nose and started blowing out of my left nostril first. It was a little bit soggy at first. I blew for a little bit until it started honking, then I switched sides. I usually blow out of one side until I get everything out. There was a little bit that came out of the right side. I ended the blowing with a honk. After I was done blowing my nose, I saw that there was only a little bit of clear with a tiny bit of yellow in it.

I hope that everyone in here likes this ob. Quick questions for the ladies.....what brand of tissues do you usually use to blow your nose and what color are they?? Do you have any wavs of you blowing your nose?? Would you be willing to trade??

Hope everyone has a great day and stays safe. God bless.


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hey nysailor nice post!

I been thinking maybe more of us should post our obs and wavs, especially wavs as I guess we all like to hear them and they're so easy to do. I guess if we all posted a couple of wavs with this many members there'd be loads of new ones!

Cheers HH

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Well, I am a hanky user.

But for emergencies of all kind I do have a box of white Kleenex in the kitchen and the bathroom.

Don't use them often myself, however.


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I myself personally like Kleenex Aloe Vera tissues, there the best and there white and soft. Nice to see you around and posting, hope your nose feels better. :(


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