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Dorothy stories reposted for you (parts 1 and 3)


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Dorothy, the hostess, had been looking forward to this sales meeting. The area managers had arrived a few minutes ago and she was about to bring in the ordered drinks. She was wearing high heels and panties and a short skirt, to be at her best. In a meeting with a lot of handsome young men she enjoyed being looked at. Randall ... he was there too. Three monhs ago he had been there for the first time, and he had impressed her. He looked just perfect, dark curly hair and a big nose, dark eyes, tall, and had been so kind. Somewhere in his thirties. She had been dreaming of meeting him again.

He had smiled at her and ordered some 'lebon' tea. Yes, he did remember her ! She had looked into his eyes and thought that he looked a bit tired. And pale ? And sounded somewhat stuffed ? Would he have ... ??

She walked in with a trolley full of drinks and thought she would faint : aaah-SHUUU eh-SHUUU TSHAAAA !!! Randall sneezed a loud and wet triple in a clear blue-and-brown hanky and really needed to blow immediately afterwards. It sounded soo stuffy and there was no doubt that he had come down with a head cold. Her fetish was giving her hard times as she did not want to show the excitement she was feeling ! There must have been a blush on her cheeks and her nipples must have been visible through her tight shirt.

As she served Randall's tea he sniffled and said 'thadks', looking at her with his watery eyes. As she left the room she heard him honk again. What a pity she had to leave ...

One hour later the managers moved to the aula to watch a presentation and Dorothy entered the meeting room to collect the empty cups and glasses. No, that could not be true !

Right under the chair where Randall had been sitting there was lying something clear blue-and-brown, something wrinkled. For two seconds she hesitated, then stepped forward straight to her goal and picked up the dropped hanky. The next second she was trembling with excitement. What she'd expected to be moist and cold was really soaked and the warmth was still in it. The last blow could not be older than a few minutes ... This was the hottest toy she'd ever held.

She locked the door of the meeting room behind her. There was no time to loose. Her hand slided into her panties and she masturbated as she never did before, touching her pussy with the soaked hanky. Oh dear, poor Randall had been blowing so much that it was almost dripping. Her pussy asked for more. She gave it a good hanky massage. Oh, her pussy could not get enough of that. And her breasts wanted to take part. She touched them with her other hand. Desire. Yes, penetrating her pussy wanted, and she was pushing in her wet toy as SOMEONE KNOCKED ON THE DOOR !

She jumped up, put her clothes back to order, made some noise with cups and glasses and then shouted : Yes ! (Damned, the door was still locked !)

She turned the key and opened the door. A man was standing there : Randall !

'Excuse be, lady, I thidk I bust have left by hadky id here', he said.

Dorothy could feel the hot hanky burning in between her legs.

'I was tidying up, and I did not find it', she lied, undoubtedly with a naughty look in her eyes.

'But take a look if you want.'

Randall sighed and soon regretted that, as it awoke a huge tickle in his red nose.

'I deed by hanky ...', he groaned and sneezed twice into his cupped hands.

And Randall's hanky got wetter than ever before ...

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This is the best I could find of the posts countless was referring to in her Snake Pit topic. I'm sorry there isn't more, but something is better than nothing, right? :(

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This is the best I could find of the posts countless was referring to in her Snake Pit topic. I'm sorry there isn't more, but something is better than nothing, right? ;)

Thanks a lot, I appreciate this.


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I haven't been able to find Part 2 on Google, but here's part 3.


The next Saturday evening Randall and Dorothy walked hand in hand to the Contemporary Art Gallery, where the vernissage of Marc Woodridge's 'Winter' exhibition would take place. There would be a lot of prominents, and it was an honour to Dorothy that he had asked her to accompany him.

He had picked her up with his BMW (from the company) and WOW he looked irresistable in his blue Gucci suit, silk shirt and his dark curls laid back with wet look gel and trendy sunglasses. She was wearing a grey coctail dress with some glitter on it, her shoulders uncovered, high heels to make her long legs even look sexier. She had put a lot of make up and her hair was put together in a kind of knod. She looked like a princess, and walking hand in hand with this gentleman she also felt like one.

In the car she really wanted him to talk about his cold and sneezes etc, so she asked if he was feeling better again. 'I have taken one of my largest hankies with me, I still need it,' he smiled.

Randall introduced his girl to Marc Woodridge, an old friend of his. He was giving some explanation on his art objects he created around the theme 'Winter'. All of a sudden Randall grasped his hanky from his trouser pocket, right in time to cover his nose and mouth and HAAAAAA-mmmpp ! Dorothy saw a grey hanky with darker stripes around the edges, and yes it was real LAAArge. The sneeze was followed by a very gurgly wet blow and now she could understand about the size. Marc laughed : 'that suits the theme of my exhibition! Enjoy, friends.'

Dorothy's nose had been a bit sensitive today. A bit tickly, as if she needed to sneeze, but it had not been strong enough. After her hot bath it had gone, but now she felt it was coming back ... and stronger than before. She looooooved it, and started breathing deeper, and hoped that the air would help grow ... ahSHUUU ! ahSHUUUUU ! she sneezed with a high voice in her cupped hands. 'Bless you,' Randall said.

And she felt how the tickle was growing again in her throat and both nostrils : aaaahSHUUU ! she sneezed in the same way. Randall thought her sneezes were very cute and extremely feminine - like this whole amazing girl. 'I go to the toilet,' she said and had a good blow in a piece of toilet paper.

It did not help. A few minutes later her nose was runny again and there was another sneezing fit on its way. Ahh-SHUUU - AHHHHH-SHEEEM !! 'Oh oh,' an excited Randall said,'you are so sneezy tonight.' He saw the watery mucus running from her both nostrils. 'You need a good blow, dear.'

'I did not bring a handkerchief,' she answered and wanted to run to the toilet again. 'No problem, use mine if you do not mind'. The very thought made her go nuts.

A few seconds later she was burying her face in that large grey hanky and it felt soft and warm and ...

Randall was watching her as that tiny little hands were blowing her cute nose in his used hanky and he adored it. She put it back in his pocket.

It took only a few minutes before she had her next sneezing fit and had to use his hanky again.

The next sneeze was one from him, followed by a gurgly blow to clear his sinuses. He could feel the moist of her watery mucus as his hanky touched his nose.

Half an hour later the hanky was soaked from Dorothy's wet sneezes and she was standing there with watery eyes and a stuffy nose that had turned to red. She was shivering. Randall took her in his arms and said : 'Dear, you are coming down with a bad cold. I must have infected you. Come, i will take you home.'

'I ab so sorry about spoilig your evedig', she moaned as he was sitting next to her on the couch.

'It is my cold, and I love you,' he protested, and his eyes (and trousers) were full of desire.

And as she was sneezing again, he pulled away her hands and let her sneeze in his face, and on his gender, and she wished that cold would stay forever.

'Every winter I am catching one cold after another,' he whispered in her ear. 'Sneezy headcolds.'

The very thought was bringing her very close to an incredible orgasm.

'I will share them with you, all of them !' he promised while penetrating.

They were BOTH fetishists ...

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Hooray for Randall......

and Countless!

Thanks to HoL and allergyboy2001.

Yum, yum, yum!

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