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Temporarily Mute


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Hey all

I've been sick for the last week and it wasn't really too big a deal, the first couple days my stomach hurt, but once that subsided I had a few coughs and sneezes and didn't think too much of it. Now I'm temporarily mute as I lost my voice yesterday and it has yet to return. :proud:

This is probably the wrong place to whine about this but I felt like it anyways. When you can't talk, you need another type of verbal outlet and I didn't think this was suited to the snake pit or off topic :bounce:

But ya, has anyone else ever gone through this? usually my voice only leaves for like half a day.... i'm gettin kinda worried :cry:


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That sounds like laryngitis actually. I have had that before without any other effects like cold or whatever. Just got up one morning and it wasn't there. :laugh: It was kind of weird because I felt ok apart from that.

It will return of it's own volition don't worry. Even if it were possible, don't try and use it. :blushing: Complete vocal rest, it's sign language from hereon in. :laugh:

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Awwwwwwwww poor you...

I'm going through the same thing right now. I was silent for two whole days! Today my voice is trying to come back... Croaky me!

Don't worry.. It'll come back eventually. Hope you feel better! Try hot tea... made me feel a little better!

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