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What?? Another Link (m)


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:lol: sorry to be repetitive guys but I thought I'd give Link a try too! haha I know...I'm a copy cat but I've always thought he was a cutie. I hope you enjoy this attempt:


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Holy chow! So much Link love around here! <_< My head will explode from ASLDKFJSKDFJLS overdose in 2 seconds. Awesome sketch, daystar!

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I'm glad you guys liked it! :D

hippo Thanks hehe I'm not very sure how I draw mouths, but I'm very glad you like it anyhow!

VFP haha don't let your head explode!! Then you'd miss out on more great artwork that I know all the wonderful artists will put out :proud: this subforum has done a really great job!!!!

Capt. Dread yay I'm glad you liked my sketch!

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