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Ski Mask (m)


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This is my first obs and... surprise, surprise, it isn't even a real one. :lol: I'm just always so paranoid that people I know will somehow come across this. But I guess that's why we use code-names... er, letters.

So... we were doing this little presentations for a class and my friends were using this ski mask for their presentation. This one kid, G, was putting it on and my other friend, M, said "Don't sneeze in that!"

I was... I don't know, concentrating on something else, but I was like ! sneezeinwhatwhat?!

And M kept going. "I did that once, a couple of years ago. I was walking through the snow with it on and all of the sudden HEPTCHOO!" And he flailed his arms for dramatic effect. The sneeze wasn't real, but it was still adorable because it was somewhere between sounding real and fake. Plus it put such a cute image in my head of M (omg, almost used his real name) trekking up a snow-covered hill with that ski mask and then sneezing.


Hopefully I can come back soon with some real obs. People sneeze around me all the time but I can't describe it as wonderfully as everyone else does. Half the time they're people that gross me out so the sneezing doesn't do much for me and the rest of the time it happens somewhere behind me without warning and I never get to see the process.

So wish me luck and we'll all be happy! :lol:

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