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Emo boi


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Well. I think his hair's a bit emo, hence the emo title.

Anyway, here's my little pianoplaying Karst again, he's lovely, I thinks, especially his hands. He's got nice hands *laugh*

I had a reference picture to watch I think (It's a pretty old picture) but it went missing if it existed.... Oh well.


Covered... how do people like their sneezes anyway?


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Muh...guh...wuh....NEH! -grab grabs at screen-

He has such sexiful hair. and I DIG that purple streak ness. XD

He's hot.

So is your art ;D

Thanks for posting this. It just made my week. :]

I love you...I mean. Your. ART. Yeah...YEAH XD

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:yes: Oh my goodness! This is fantastic! Personally, I like sneezes that are stifled in either the crook of their arm, an up-raised shoulder, or the back of their wrist.

In any case this just fits your character perfectly in my opinion. :D I love it.


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Uhn... :D

I LURV him...!

And his hair is just so....mmm. Yes. :laugh:

And the cover is wonderful! I love the purple in his hair...it's HAWT, k? Yes. :yes:

Thank you SO much for posting! If you will excuse me, I must go stare at it some more! :twisted:

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Heheh... he really DOES have nice hands!

To answer your question... I dunno how I prefer sneezes, honestly. :cryhappy: I think I just like variety.

Oh yeah, and I'm joining the purple streak fanclub, too. :lmfao:

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Mmmmrowr! Beautiful! One of my favorite covers as well. :lmfao:

Gnaah, but you draw SO WELL I must now linger infront of the screen and stare and drool over this when I really ought to be doing other things! :cryhappy:

LOVE. Yes.

Thank you so much for sharing! :lol:

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WOW! I am damn near speechless at that one, because this is such a hot piece of sneeze artowrk. I absolutely adore him! Like chui said, can I keep him? ^_^ Amazing!!!! Thank you! :2cool:

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Well well, doesn't he look young and helpless! ^_^ JUST the way I like them. Maybe baked with some late-autumn apples and brown sugar and about half a glass of... ... I mean.... I don't really eat boys, trust me... :2cool: ... uhm... :lol:

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Kyuuuuun!!! HANDS!! Oh man, Nova, the way you do hands is amazing!

And the expression! And the hair! And...gah! Girl, you are good at what you do <_< I'm usually not one for emo, but...eek! Awesome!!

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Wow, I love the hands!

...and the hair.

...and the face.

And the shoulders are well made, too.

Dammit, I like all of it!!! :proud:

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How the heck did I not notice this before now?!?!?!?!

I love emo boys B) Thanks a bunch for drawing this, it really made my night. *grin*


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I saw this before but for some reason never commented on it. I LOVE IT BY THE WAY, haha. My one friend who knows about the fetish LOVES emo boys so I showed this to her. It was something we could both enjoy. :yuck: Awesome job!

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