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Sniizing. (M obs, many)

Icarus Rex

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Hum... it bothers me that I've been trained to feel obligated to ask that :yes: But, TRALALA.... societal ills aside... I bring you this amusing and cute-ish obs, courtesy of my goofy friends. :bleh:

So I was over visiting my friend, "M", and usurping her Wii (hence the horrendously nerdy title), along with another of my good cronies and his boyfriend. (I generally refer to the pair as Tweedledee and Tweedledum, but here I'll abbreviate their names as "D" and "J", respectively).

Meanwhile, M was off indulging her obsessive-compulsive cleaning tendencies, with the intention of joining us later.

Now, just for a little background: J is the sort of person who will break both his legs and then say, "NAH, I'M FINE." He'd have us believe he has no weaknesses whatsoever, so keep that in mind. :D

So the three of us were engaged in acting like ten-year-olds, when M suddenly decided to spray some heinous air-freshener type thing. D and I complained like asses, despite it not being our room, but J remained silent. He's not usually one to miss out on an opportunity to complain, so we should have known something was amiss.

Within a few seconds, he sneezed in a sort of subdued way, "hep-shhhngh!" Not quite a stife, but something like it. It caused him to miss the ball in Wii Tennis, however, and, as a result, curse loudly. xD

When the virtual ball returned to his virtual court, he sneezed again, this time, in a much more forceful double. "heh-SHUHHHN.... hhEH-SHHHNGK!... Damnit!" He missed again.

He continued sneezing with increasing volume, causing his continued failure at virtual tennis, and our continued amusement. After awhile, D got all concerned and asked if he was okay. He gruffly replied that "that shit M sprayed everywhere" was to blame. Immediately after saying so, he looked up vacantly at the ceiling before rearing back in a particularly thunderous, "hhengh-PSHUHHHN!"

At this point, D stood up, plucked a box of tissues off a nearby table and brought them over to J. Without taking his eyes off the TV screen, J insisted that he was fine... before sniffing loudly and grotesquely. :twisted: This prompted D to beat J playfully with said tissue box, causing J to retaliate by snatching the box and flinging it over his shoulder, yelling in mock-indignation, "Get those things away from me!"

Incidentally, after the box landed, he sneezed a rapid series of three, then finally conceded by saying, rather stuffily, "Okay... nevermind... bring 'em back. :laugh: "

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Aww....That last line makes me melt. I know guys like that, heheh. Great obs, cute sneezes. Thanks for sharing!

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awwwww!! lucky you! what a stubborn cutie :lmfao: And I absolutely adore the interaction between D and J. it was really sweet of D to bring J tissues :cryhappy: very very very cute!

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Whoa, that's just, YUMMY!!! Thank you so much! I tend to especially love obs about strong-willed guys, who hate showing weakness, and don't need tissues! This one fit the bill completely! And plus, I love Wii!!!!!!!!!!!!

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(this is my first time to post in something other than stories *is very nervous*)

I loved these obs!

What a unique situation- sneezing while playing wii! and cursing because he missed the ball :shy:

But the end is the best part! How adorable :wacko:

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