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à tes amours!


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I love the french bless you for a second sneeze. Isn't it charming? à tes amours! (though the one for a first sneeze à tes souhaits! isn't bad either)

But since they're both french, and there's two sneezes. Yah. à tes amours.


Chloé. She's so pretty... (original character, mine)


André, who's also pretty! I love his nose *happy* (my boi's character)

They are such a sweet couple-to-be. ^^

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Goddamn, you draw hands so well.. :wacko::lmfao:

And, eh, EVERYTHING!! :lol: EVERYTHING is drawn to perfection. Chloe IS beautiful! Your expressions always BREAK me :drooling:

And may i say that i adore the shape of Anre's nose!! :omg::cryhappy:

HRGG.. french people :lol:

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Woah. :cryhappy: They both look goooorgeous. I really like the pose in the first one, too.

And I have to point out that I took, like... six years of French, and I've never heard "à tes amours" used. I feel so deprived suddenly. :lmfao:

Hmm... anyway... excellent pictures. In the art way and the fetishy-goodness way. :lol:

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WHOA! Now these are just gorgeous, darling! :lol: Yes, Chloé is very pretty. And YESSSS, André's nose is...:lmfao:... :cryhappy: ...

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<_< Ohh, those are both wonderful, Nova! The last one is my fav...it cracks me up that he's covering his mouth and not his nose at all :laugh:

And I love his nose too, wtf! :lol:

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