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unknown allergy


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Every other time I'm at my grandma's, there's something in the air that really bothers me. Of course it would have to be this time, as I'm surrounded by lots of people for thanksgiving dinner.

I was sneezing about every 10 minutes the 3 hours that I was there, which became especially troublesome while we were eating. It was hard to slip away to the bathroom unnoticed to blow my nose. At one point I was holding a heavy plate in each hand when I suddenly felt a sharp burn in the back of my nose. With no way of covering and being on front of food I was totally freaking out. Thankfully, I'm really good at stifling and I managed to do so without the use of any limbs and just a slight bob of the head.

The rest of the night was a down-right pain. I'm really embarrassed to sneeze in front of people so I hid away in the sun room whenever I could but I kept having to slip out to run to the bathroom for tissues. Even when sick, I rarely sneeze, it's just being in that house that puts me into fits of doubles and sometimes triples. Yikes!

Finally, we left, and I immediately felt better, but even now, quite a few hours later, I'm sneezing every once in a while. *rubs nose* Ahgh.. can't get it out. :drool:

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