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Bad karma maybe?


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Lately I've been having a spot of bad luck. Every time I am home for the weekend or my bf comes to visit me, he gets a sneezey cold the very next day. This happened yet again this past weekend, right after I went back to school. He kept telling me how awful he felt and every time he sneezed, and I wished I could have gone home to play with him soo bad. I talked to him over IM the night before I was coming home for tg vacation, and he was telling me that he couldn't sleep because he kept sneezing too much. *melt* Unfortunately, when i hung out with him the next day he was nearly sneezeless. For the 5 hours that I was with him, he sneezed once.... during the 2 mins that I had gone to the bathroom. He said that he had tried to hold it in, but couldn't, so he ran to the bottom of the stairs so I could at least hear him better. :drool: What are the chances though, really? -___-;;

Later on, though, he whipped out his laptop, and scared the crap outta me by bringing up some wavs he made a few days prior. I wasn't expecting it, and he had the volume up pretty far, so I fell off the bed in shock. :cryhappy: It was so sweet of him though. ;):heart:

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Oh man, at least he recorded some and tried to get you to hear the one! Too bad that you miss that first, really sneezy day, though. Thanks for sharing, and take good care of him!

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