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This Actually Happened Friday...(It's Long :/)


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Heh, don't burn me. I know it's been a long time since I've posted an observation. Well there just wasn't anything of interest to post. Until now. :laugh:

Haha, well, in California it doesn't usually rain much. Well, scratch that.

IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA it doesn't rain much. Honestly we get less and less rain every year. it's weird, and I hate it. It means less cold weather, and less stupid guys that stand out in it and catch colds. :laugh:

Fortunately for me, the first rain fall happened on a Friday. I love rain because it's just SO beautiful, and it's rare here like I said. It was raining pretty much ALL day non-stop. So naturally I was ooing and awing over it. I felt so happy. Seriously, it's like a natural high for me.

I'm not the only one who loves it.

I might as well introduce the lad. I have a friend (let's call him C)who I've known for about 2 years. He's hilarious, and he always makes me laugh. I think Kathy Griffin said she had a friend that was a prick but she could never get mad at him because he made her laugh? Well that's how C is. :unsure:

Anyway, he's so smart that he decided to stand in the pouring rain at break. Break for us is about fifteen minutes, but that's enough. What an idiot. :laugh:

He was just standing there with a bunch of guys. I couldn't look away, I was giggling so much I got a few weird stares. :nohappy:

Anyway, I caught up with C on the way to third period. Even though it's not usually cold in Southern Cali, today was COLD. You could see your breath, not to mention the winds were picking up. Stupid C didn't have a jacket, just the jersey they made the track team wear that day. (Our school had one the 2 mile race the day before.)

I ran up to him just to say something smart-assey. He doesn't care. :wacko: But his retort was.


I was like...

"Noooooooo really?" :nohappy:

He looked like he was high. Probably because he loves rain as much as I do. :laugh: At least I'm smart enough not to stand in it.

Anyway, we got into third period (It's art for us.) and he's pretty much shivering. :rollslow:

As soon as we step inside my art teacher says. "Oi your'e not coming in until you dry off."

Poor dude.

So he had to stand out there with paper towls to dry off his clothes and stuff, whilst my art teacher commented on how big of a moron he was. Yes she actually said moron. :laugh:


It was about a third way into the class, and I hear two soft sneezes from the back of the room. "Heheshh! ishhh!" The attempted spelling, I can assure you, is probably not right. :laugh:

I look up to see C, his nose all red, sniffling over in the corner of the room. I was like (WOAH THAT WAS FAST! He's already sick??? :blushing:) I swear my art teacher smirked over her computer.

My friends were cutting wood for some stands in the back of the room (near C) so I intentionally went over to help. :innocent: C stood next to me and I had a chat with him. He sneezed again while I was talking to him, and caught it in his fist. They were dry and soft as before. Sort of like...


I blessed him.

Man he looked sickly pale. :laugh: I honestly don't feel that sorry for him. The dude shouldn't have stood in the rain without a jacket!

Wonder if I'll see him monday...

That wasn't all though, oh no.

Turns out, MORE guys forgot their jackets that day. (Is it an epidemic? What?)

In history, there were alot of sneezes and probably alot of colds going around. I can't even write them all down. :P

Anyway, pretty interesting day.

Heh, sorry this is so freakin long. :laugh:

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:drool: Oh, trust me, if they're really good, I like them long. (Oi, that's what she said.)

Where I am it just snowed for a second time... absolutely cannot wait 'til the boys start playing in that in their tee-shirts. :laugh: Don't you love it when they bring it upon themselves?

I can't imagine living there, where rain is a rarity, but that's cool how it makes the rain all that more special when it finally does come. :drool:

I really loved this, especially how the teacher wouldn't let him come in! :laugh: Poor thing! But then again, it's his own fault. :drool:

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