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Flowers shop(F)


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Yesterday afternoon I was walking on the pavement when suddenly I heard a female loud sneeze "AAHH-SSHHOOUU!!". I stop walking and I start to look around to found her when a second "AAHH-CCHHOOOO!" attract my attention.

The woman was in the opposite side of the road in a flowers shop, and she worked in it because she was behind the bench.

I watch at she, she had a very red nose and a very excitant presneeze expresion on her face..she closes her eyes and with an hand on the mouth again "AAAHH-SSCCCOOO!!AAHHSSCCOO!AATTSSCCIII!!" this time she sneeze three time in a row. Then she blows her nose and stop sneezing for about a minute but aftr that suddenly she "AAACCHHHOOO!!".

Maybe she continued for a long time..but if someone see me watching a sneezing woman in a shop maybe can thought that I'm strange, so I went away.

But this make my day happy n_n

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Haha, awe, poor thing. Sounds like she's allergic and yet she works at a flower shop!

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Maybe, but I goes many times in front of that shop and I have nevere saw she sneezing...Maybe she had a cold and the smell of the flowers makes her sensitive nose tickles..

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