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I had a doctor's appointment this morning, and knew I'd be out kind of early, and also had some Christmas shopping to do, so I took my 4 year old to McDonald's for lunch. We sat near this guy, who was definitely Hispanic and a nice looking guy, too. He was maybe my age or a little younger. He had a slim nose with really nice nostrils, a thin moustahce and goatee, and short dark hair.

I think I was staring out the window he happened to be sitting in front of, when he grabbed a napkin with those nice nostrils flaring just a tad, and then let go with a big, juicy sneeze into it. I was in such shock that I got to witness the whole thing, I can't remember at all what it sounded like. I was in awe that he must have known it was coming to grab the napkin like that. It was just beautifully done. And then, the rest of the time he sat there, sniffling, and his nose was slightly pink. So cute!

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Man... why do you have the luck? We had dr. appt. today too (and snow day) and went to McD and- Nothing. :(

Very cute though.

I second this....we have Got to start hanging out with Sneesee. :P

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Hard to beat the attractive, polite sneezing guys. Definitely my favorite kind. And at McDonald's, of all places! I should think about downgrading my cuisine requirements.

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