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I've never made a request before, and I probably won't make many in general, but I've just been craving a fic with a certain storyline lately.

I like the scenario of a date where the guy and the girl(or other guy) both have a cold, but don't want to spoil the other's fun, so they pretend to be fine. So they both go on the date but don't realize the other is sick and the entire time are trying to hide their own sickness. (I love chaos!) And then at some point late into the date one of them admits they feel crappy and the other confesses, too. (happy endings!)

I would really like it if someone could do this for me. :D

As for characters...I like guy/girl and yaoi stories (guy/guy)

and I don't want one with a specific fandom like harry potter or an anime or anything. I'd prefer general people or original characters.

Maybe if you were stuck for plot ideas this can help! (good for you, good for me)

I feel like I'm violating some law by requesting a fic, but I know I have every right to. :)

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you didn't mention 18+... I was simply clarifying for anyone who chose to offer to write a fic for you :)

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