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funny over the phone (f)


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This just happened 5 minutes ago while I was on the phone with a friend. I innocently closed a bag of potato chips while she was talking, and she immediatly stopped and asked, "God! What the hell is that noise?!" I told her I was just putting away a bag of chips, and her ears were way too sensitive if she could hear that over the phone. A few seconds later, we were disconnected by bad reception.

A minute after that, she called back. I answered my phone, "Hello?"

From the other end, "HAP-CHUUUUH!!!" She answered by sneezing loudly and wetly in my ear! I said, "You called me just to say that?" She replied, "I had already dialed your number, and I started to feel a sneeze coming on. So I thought I'd just sneeze in your ear so you can see what it's like to get your ear blasted." I thought to myself, "Ha!" If only she knew what a favor she was doing me - not only sneezing, but going on about it afterwards! Of course I didn't tell her. I just laughed and picked up where the previous conversation had left off.

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oh man! that's brilliant! I think I'm a little jealous, I've never had a phone conversation that started with the person on the other end sneezing with no warning (but naturally I've heard of others having them before).

Good cute and indeed funny obs ^.^=

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