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I'm thinking about writing a christmas story...


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I've never written a sneezing fic before, so I figured I'd debut for chirstmas.

I have some characters:

Hope- 19, a sophomore in college (Brian's girlfriend)

She is studious and works hard to make good grades. She is shy, but cares about her friends and her boyfriend. Other than scholastics, she is a good cook and singer. She is very creative and graceful.

She is 5' 3" and curvy but skinny (it looks natural). She has wavy auburn hair that goes a little past her shoulders and olive green eyes. She has a small, round nose.

Brian- 20, a junior in college (Hope's boyfriend)

He is a track-star who struggles academically (Hope tutors him, which is how they met). He is outgoing, funny, and the kind of person that makes you feel comfortable to be around. He is a good listener and also a tad clumsy. He is a terrible cook. He likes to joke around and tease but cares a lot about Hope. He has a sneeze fetish.

He is 5' 10" and average body type, but muscular. He has tanned skin. He has short choppy coal-black hair and brown eyes. He has a medium triangle-shaped? nose. (yeah, I'm not good at describing noses)

and I have one idea:

After exams comes winter break and poor Hope has worked so hard studying that she gets sick (after exams). She and Brian planned to spend it at his parent's house. Hope has met them before, so she's not really nervous about that, but she's really embarrased to visit them when she's sick. She also does not want his family getting sick. Brian makes her go anyway. (not in a mean way) His parents are really nice about it and Brian's little brother doesn't seem to mind. And then cute Brian taking care of Hope fluff.

I might make a sequel where Brian gets sick :) if the first one turns out good.

Would anyone read that? Maybe someone has a better idea they would like to share?

(it's not 18+, so no ideas along those lines!)

;) LaLa

Disclaimer: Hope and Brian are all mine! (They live in my head and poke my brain) Any resemblance to other characters or real people is unintentional. And if the the plot is similar to another plot, that is also unintentional.

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Aww, Hope sounds like a cute little thing. I'd love to see her sneeze! Maybe in contrast to her personality, she could have either really long, teasing buildups, or huge explosive releases, or maybe both. Ah, it's your story, do whatever you want with it. If it's got female sneezing, I'll read it regardless.

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