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Have you never had a...


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Have you never had a sudden and incontrollable sneezes fit in public? What are you did in that situation?

My only one was at school when I was 8 years old. I remember that during an english lesson I had a sneezes fit and I tryied to stifle the sneezes. The sound was like "AHKKUI" and then the teacher said me: "What are you doing? Are you crying?" and my near friend said "No, he was sneezing".

So the teacher said "Oh, the next time you sneezes don't stifle it. We can bless you!". I was very embarassed... :winkkiss:

And you? What is your story?

Tell it here!! :laugh:

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Well once in sixth grade I had a cold :), but I had a sprained leg so I got to stay behind, eventually I couldn't hold them in any more so I let out 12 sneezes, unfortunately some people came in at my last 4 sneezes :santasmiley:.

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I just sneeze like a man possessed when that happens! One particular time was about 4 years ago in Sociology class. I don't mind sneezing in public ordinarily but I think I sneezed about 15 times and it was getting a little embarrassing. The students kept looking at me and laughing. It was funny when it was (finally!) over, but I felt bad for interrupting the class like that.

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I guess I have a couple.

One time when I was in the comic store, think I was about 12 or 13 and I just started sneezing and was sneezing for over a half hour straight and couldn't stop and I have no idea why I was sneezing. I left the comic store and I was still sneezing.

Then another time hwen I was in Calinfornia and was 15 and was always having these insane fits of 15-20 sneezes just about every 10-20 minutes and kept trying to run away everytime I felt a sneeze coming on because I knew it would be one of those fits.

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