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Dropped my hankie

The Sneezster

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At a very fancy, black-tie wedding, I decided not to carry a purse (because I couldn't find the one that matched my dress), so I stashed a few things in my coat pockets, and checked the coat in the coat-check room. Except I wanted to keep my hankie with me of course. So many hankie opportunities at a wedding, don't you know -- dabbing at my eyes during the ceremony, for instance. And it was an nice one -- all white, with white on white embroidered flowers, white embroidered scalloped edges, and scented with orange blossom water.

Where to keep it, though? My party dress had no pockets, and the neckline wasn't conducive to stashing it in my cleavage. So I tucked it into my sleeve. Alas, the wayward handkerchief slipped out, unnoticed by me. But not unnoticed by a very charming older gentleman with a Moroccan accent. He came up behind me and tapped me on the shoulder. I turned to find him holding out my hankie to me, "I believe you dropped this, Madam." And then he half-bowed as I took it, smiled up at me, and disappeared into the crowd.

How utterly romance novel of him!

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