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Sneezy Friend (f)


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This is my first obs post, so . . . please be gentle! Female sneezes don't appeal to me, but I thoght that some of you might like this.

My friend Kat and I were sittng talking at school. Kat is tall, slender, and attractive, with long dark hair framing a very pretty face.

I was bending to get a book when I heard a delicate, "hichoo." When I straightened up, I saw Kat rubbing a forfinger under her nose. I said bless you and we continued the conversation. A few minutes later, however, I noticed a helpless expression creep onto Kat's face. She broke off midsentence and began to wave her hands under her nose, as though to ward off the oncoming sneeze. This failing, she cupped her hands to her face and sneezed another delicate "hichoo," followed by a harder "choo!" I said bless you and Kat began to say something, but was cut off by an insistent "hechoo!" She had just enough time to mumble, "I gotta sneeze," before lurching forward, hair flying for a long double: "eh-hechoo! hichoo!" I "blessed her" and she explained that she had been sneezing a lot more than usual for several days. At this point I had to leave for class, and as Kat was saying goodbye, she was interrupted by her desperate look, waving, and, finally, a loud "hitchoo!"

Last I heard poor Kat was doing a little better, but was still feeling rather miserable. : (

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Mmm. That sounds delicious! Of course I'm not into female sneezing at all....;)

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Yummy indeed. What could be better than a spread of sneezes over several minutes, complete with announcements , buildups and all the trimmings...

Surely, no one can really not enjoy a good, girly sneeze...

And welcomr to the forum!

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