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Nurse Time at 3 am


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First off, I hope everyone had a good Christmas. Lets talk about the trail end of mine, shall we?

This happened two nights ago.

It was oh...one or two in the morning and I was asleep with Vin, when suddenly I hear the Chakusin Ari ringtone blare loudly in my ear. It's my cell phone and I take one look at the ID and I know something is amiss. It's my friend (lets call him A) and he sounds friggin horrible, congested and all that good- I mean, horrible stuff. Now, I'm still not all awake yet, but the convo went vaguely like this::

"Can you cumb overb?"

"Ng.....do you know how early it is..."


"Ok, shut up...give me a second."

At this point, Vin wakes up (slightly) as I get out of bed, trying to find my pants.

"A, are you at home?"


"Where's En?" (En is A's boy toy, yes they are gay)

"Gedding medicine..." A sighes, "Jusd knock and I'll cumb let you in." Then he hangs up, because to A being sick is the same thing as dying.

I find my pants, (yay) and then go looking for my keys. Vin sits up, I don't think he has quite realized what had happened.

"...Is it morning?" he asks from between his hands.

"Sure. Can't you see the sun?"

"ha ha...where are you going?"

"A is sick, and I have been called into my off duty non paying nursing job."

"Hmm...I'll come with you."

"YOU, just got done with being sick, you want that again?"

"Psh, I wasn't sick." (according to Vin he has never been sick in his life) and sniffs. Getting my hopes up and all...grr.

We finally make it to A's apartment, it's only a few blocks down but it's but-ass cold outside. I knock, no, I bang on the door and I swear I hear him fall down like six times before he actually opens the door. Holy crap the boy looked like he had caught death, pale as all hell, big bags under his blue eyes, his sharp nose looked like someone had been at it with sandpaper. He was also very obviously running a fever, boy had no shirt on, just very worn out flannel pants. I could have killed him but the cold beat me to it.

Another note here, A is a sneeze fetishist and he hates hearing himself sneeze even more then I hate hearing myself do it. He is also like a little brother to Vin and to myself and since I am the friend everyone calls when they are sick...you get it.

Okay, back to the issue at hand.

We're in the small two bedroom, one bathroom apartment now and I order (nicely) that A get himself in the shower or I will have Vin force him into it. I go into the kitchen to start making some tea and coffee ( cause I'm TIRED) when I hear the following-


I am awake now.

The water starts running and I hear A sneeze in the same fashion about seven times before it is masked by the water. Vin comes out of the other room, still rubbing at his.....eyes ( I know, damn him) and pours three cups of tea.

"What do we do?"

"Take his temp, give him asprin and hope the En get's some NyQuil. Then I guess we should stay in case his fever doesn't break, cause if it gets past 104 we need to go to el hospital." We both shudder at this, as we both hate hospitals.

We hear A scream more curses from the bathroom and Vin laughs softly, "...I don't understand why both of you think it's such a horrible thing to do. It's perfectly natural."

"Kinda hard to explain." I end the sentence by taking a big drink from my cup and staring at him, meaning let's-drop-this-conversation. Vin shrugs and rubs at his nose with the back of his hand. I kinda remember that he was also just getting over the nasty cold that he had and I feel bad for being so short with him.

"Baby, I'm sorry I-" he cuts me off with one finger, the other hand still pressed against his nose. His breath hitches twice and he closes his eyes. I hold my breath, about to watch beauty.

"hih...hih-kiHTSCH! HiTSCHOO!" he sniffs and looks up at me just in such a way...that...I was now putty.

"Apology accepted." he smiled wickedly at my red red red face.

"Maybe I should be sorry more often...."

"Nxgst!" That came from A, who was standing in the doorway. He was still breathing heavily, towel clasped around his waist with one hand, the other clasped firmly to his face. He stifled two more times but kinda failed on the third so it sounded kinda like, "NixSTCHOO!" He doubled over with it, sniffed heavily and looked over at both of us. He looked very unsteady and actually would have fallen over if Vin wasn't a ninja and caught him before he hit the ground. (I'm serious! He was sitting at the table once second and was over there in like one step. I think he flew...but that could have been sleep deprivation talking.) Somehow, A managed to keep the towel on.

"Uh...thanks...I jusd got dizzy..."

"Hush." Vin said very firmly and picks him up and carries him into the bedroom. I take a moment to collect myself, I was still half putty. I come into the bedroom with the thermometer and before A can open his mouth to say something, I jam it in there. He glares at me and I glare back. It reading comes back, 99.0

"Get me some aspirin Vin."

"Don'd have any." A says, "Thad's why En went out."

"Hokay, get me a cold rag then." Vin nods and obeys.

"Loki...I'mb sorry."

"Don't be, you can't help it."

"I hate this."

"I would too." A pauses, and sits up breath hitching again, I hand him the box of tissues and pat his head.

"Hi..hi...hitCHT!" he then stifles twice and I see a blonde come through the door with a lot of bags. I think En bought the entire medicine section.

"Is he okay?" he whispers and I rifle through the bags for asprin, find some and NyQuil and we are so doing that combo.

"Yeah, he'll be fine this should knock him out." Vin comes back with the cold washcloth, and a glass of water as we precede to drug A out of his poor sneezy mind. Drugs work pretty fast for him and he's out in about five minutes curled around En, who declares that he won't sleep either, but that was a lie as five minutes later, he;s out too.

About 2hours later

I am now drinking copious amount of coffee out in the living room and Vin goes back into the bedroom to check up on them. (A is snoring very loudly and he was worrying way too much) I tiptoe into the doorway (prepare for AWWW factor here)

En is sitting upright, asleep against the wall, A has his head in his lap, arms around his waist. Vin untangels A, props his head up on two pillows and kisses him on the forehead. He gently lays En down next to him, kisses his forehead and covers them both up. He then sits back against the wall and just watches. I actually think he fell asleep that way and I think again how I really don't deserve him, emo emo emo emo, ect.

I go back out and watch some TV.

That was like...epically long. For those of you wonder A has almost made a full recovery and no he is not a member of this commune to my knowledge.

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Firstly AWWWWWWWWWWWW!! That was Such a Mega-Cute obs!! I wish my friends would call me to take care of them, but no. Thank you for posting, it was very sweet! And I'm glad A is almost better. ;)

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Cute obs!

(wow I missed a lot on vacation)

I love that you even got to see (and included for our reading pleasure) Vin sneeze, too!

It's funny that you know another sneeze fetishist that dislikes their own sneezing (lol)

and for the record, I liked the part about Vin being a ninja, that made me laugh.

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Cute obs!

(wow I missed a lot on vacation)

I love that you even got to see (and included for our reading pleasure) Vin sneeze, too!

It's funny that you know another sneeze fetishist that dislikes their own sneezing (lol)

and for the record, I liked the part about Vin being a ninja, that made me laugh.

A was the first person I told about my fetish and I was VERY surprised to hear that he had it as well.

lol, right after that Vin got sick again ( I TOLD him so) he was not very happy.

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OMG! You are so lucky! A and En are so adorable! Yeesh, just so cute cute cute. *sigh* Lucky you... :D

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