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Sneeze on the Phone (f and self (f))


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I was talking to my friend on the phone about 3 days ago and she said, "Um..hold on" so I heard her sneeze(even though she tried to cover it up). It sounded like 'etch' (stifled) and when I could hear that she was facing the phone again I said, "Bless you!" and she said "You heard me sneeze?" And for a moment I was shocked and thinking, "oh crap!" So as calmly as I could muster I said, "yeah..." And then she proceeded to talk about sneezing and her nose! :) So I sat uncomfortably listening to her talk, "I've been so sneezy lately. My sneezes sound kinda girly and quiet, it's so wierd. Befire my sneezes were louder but over the years they just got quieter. (random change of subject) I don't like my nose, it's kinda round and it makes me look fat." I just said, "You're not fat. and Your nose looks fine." She said, "Aww you don't have to lie to me, you have a pretty nose! what do your sneezes sound like? I bet they're girly and cute~" I was blushing at this point and I said, "um...well they are girly and um..cute I guess..." >> So then it was like she had the fetish all of the sudden, "OHH! I wanna hear you sneeze! do it!" she sounded a little too excited (Though I know she doesn't have the fetish). "I can't just sneeze...on..com..command.." and my breath started to hitch, "ahh...huh..itchew!" She said , "Aww bless you~ Your sneezes ARE cute!" At that point I just HAD to change the subject.

That was seriously akward talking about sneezing with my friend. It's fine when I do that with guys, but with girls I just find it akward! ><

and I still think she cursed me and made me sneeze, there is no other explanation!

well I hope you enjoyed my re-telling of this event...^^

:lol: LaLa~

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I can see why that made you uncomfortable, but it's still fascinating that you wound up sneezing on command.

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Guest Obsessed With Sneezing

wow that was MEGAcute!!! much jealously lol yeah i bet you were a bit on edge! haha still could have been worth testing a bit further - i love tryin to turn those situations into more, just carrying on the convo or maybe even a little...sneezing competition? haha u gotta be ambitious thats what i say :innocent:

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This is just lovely; and the fact that she "made" you sneeze and then complimented you on it is just wonderful. Are you sure she isn't even mildly interested?

The odd thing is that this just strikes me as normal girly conversation; I remember overhearing similar things; but of course if a male friend of mine had said that I would be very awkward...

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