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My four funny sneezes this morning


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I woke up this morning feeling a tickle followed by the biggest inhale I can remember. It felt like I filled my lungs to overflowing with air.

At the climax of my inhale, I was sure I was going to blast a monster sneeze through the closed bedroom door. Instead out came four tiny, squeaky sneezes that were forced out by gushes of nasal air current. At the end of each sneeze, it sounded like a squeaking toy rubber mouse.

Phonetically, they went like:

"Hitt. . .(pause). . .chee. . .Hitt. . .(pause). . .chee. . .Hitt. . .(paues). . .chee. . .Hitt. . . (pause). . .chee. . ."

I think if anyone heard it, they would think I was impersonating a feminine sneeze. I really wasn't, but that's how they came out.

WEIRD!! :)

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How did those feel coming out?

They felt kind of like if you're under water and suddenly you aren't holding your breath. It was like water and clorine irritating my nasal passages as the air current was forcing out my sneezes through congestion. I think the narrowed passages caused by the congestion is what gave those sneezes their squeaky ending sound.

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aww that's heaps cute X3

do you usually sneeze quadruples? o:

Actually, I usually sneeze in pairs and occasionally ones and threes. Four sneezes is very rare for me. I speculate that I sneezed four times because my congestion was somewhat blacking the forward progress of the forced air current and I needed an extra sneeze to satisfy my tickle.

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