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"Stolen" Sneeze


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I'm shopping at a mall with a friend, when she decides we're going to stop in a Bath and Body works. (Only fair, since I took far too long picking a movie in Best Buy). We wander around, looking at the shelves, when my nose starts to itch. I don't pay much attention at first; my nose always itches when I'm in that type of store, and it doesn't normally get any farther than a few sniffs and a nose rub.

I follow her over to the other side of the store, where an attractive blond woman is smelling lotions. My friend grabs a bottle of body spray, sniffs it, and sprays a few shots into the air. I immediately feel my nose react; the tickle intensifies, and I turn away to rub my nose and sniff deeply.

When I turn back, I see that I'm not the only one with a problem. The blond girl has her hand a few inches in front of her face, and her face is slowly melting into a pre-sneeze gasp. I feel my nose twitch in response as she begins to build up.


Unfortunatly, I cut her off with a thunderous 'Hah-ASHOOOOOO!!!!....ahhh...hah-ah-ACHOOOOOO!!!" She looks up, startled, and declares that I "stole her sneeze." I assure her that it wasn't my idea, and gesture toward my friend who's still holding the bottle of spray.

"Is that Moonlight Path?" the blond asks. "That gets me every time. Seems like you have the same reaction." I mumble an agreement, excuse myself, and silently pray that I wasn't blushing...though I was later informed that I was.

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Great obs; thanks for sharing.

And I know exactly what she means about the "Moonlight Path" scent. I can't use it any more, it's so sneeze-provoking. I think I still have some. . . anyone want it? :twisted:

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There's something about moonlight path...I'm usually fine in those store but that stuff tickles my nose, too!

awesome obs! I like that you "stole" her sneeze and she said it out loud ^^

and bless you!


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I feel I should be angry with you--we need more gorgeous blonds sneezing. Should have left her to it. Oh well. Cute obs, though. At least you got the cutie talking about sneezes.

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