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How You Blow Nose


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Though I like sneeze more, because is cuter in Ami's opinion, I admit that blowing nose is turn-on too. But, like Ami's preffered sneeze, I like nose blow only if it quiet and cute. Loud, honk nose blow annoy Ami, and gross Ami out.

I like sound of Ami's own nose blow, but I no mind nose blow of other, of course.

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I like really thick wet gurgly blows and sniffles when the person is really congested.

For the past week or so, I've had some really wet and gurgly ones. I kept sniffling and sniffling, then had to blow my nose. I had one over this past weekend where I had to use three tissues at once!! My girlfriend and I were in a motel, and they had cheap tissues. She was in the shower, and I said to her, "Wow, it's bad when you know you need three tissues to blow your nose". She said, "Well, all of that stuff has been in there all night". I then proceeded to blow my nose. I was sitting on the toilet and bent my head over, and blew out of one nostril at a time, first the left, then the right. It sounded very soggy and wet. After a while, I started honking while I was blowing my nose. My girlfriend was in the shower and said, "Blow that stuff outta there hon, get it all out!!". She's so sweet!! Well, after I was done, I looked at it, and it was yellow and very sticky!! YUCK!!

How do you blow your nose?? Do you usually blow it soft or kinda hard?? Do your blows sound wet and gurgly or more on the dry side??

Take care and God bless.


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