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My cashier at Wal-Mart- Female


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I had to go to Wal-Mart today, since after being gone for a week we needed some groceries and stuff. There were several far-off sneezes I heard while shopping, but nothing I ever got to see. The best thing that happened was while I was checking out. My cashier was a short, plump, dark haired woman by the name of Nini. She had a pretty face, and a cute little diamond in her nose. And she was somewhat friendly, unlike a lot of people lately in the service industry.:twisted: As she was dragging my items across the scanner, she paused, and grabbed the collar of her blue polo shirt, and then she tucked her head into and sneezed a cute little "Hih-shooo!" Then she groaned, and I said, "Bless you." She said, "Thanks, that's like the fiftieth time I've sneezed today." Of course, that remarked sparked my interest. I said, "Oh, something in the air?" She ignored that question, but then said, "Now my eye twitches. Every time I sneeze, my eye ends up twitching." I said, "Hmm, that's interesting." She went on about not being normal, and I asked her what was normal. She kind of laughed, but didn't sneeze or talk about it again. :laugh:

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Far-off sneezes while shopping are fun (and looking for the sneezer afterwards too...).

But I do not have the courage to comment on a cashier's sneeze.

Thanks for sharing.


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