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Self-obs - experimenting with pepper


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I'd never tried sneezing with pepper before. I find it's usually VERY difficult to make myself sneeze -- I have no allergies, I haven't had a cold in years, and even my most reliable methods of inducing aren't always reliable. So I thought I'd have some fun.

I've always heard that white pepper is the best method. We do happen to have a white pepper grinder, set to grind to dust. I took it in the basement with me (so there would be no chance whatsoever of anyone hearing me), settled down with a box of tissues and my favourite tool for inducing normally -- a mechanical pencil lead. Dulled, this unimpressive little object can be left anywhere in plain sight without attracting notice, hidden in any room in the house in place that will NEVER risk being accidentally removed or spotted, is stiff enough to allow for plenty of control, and -- dulled -- I've never had it scratch me or give me a bloody nose.

So there I sat, tissues on the floor in front of me (I like to sit on the floor, it feels more private and hidden), and ground just a little pepper powder into my hand. I put it to my nose and sniffed it in.

The tickle blossomed over the back of my nose in a very slightly burning tingle. I sat there for several long moments before a sneeze erupted -- heh-ISHKKK.

It felt good, dry and stong, and the tickle was still there. But though my breath hitched a little more, no second sneeze would come. I thought perhaps I'd used too little powder -- I did use VERY little -- so I ground a little more and breathed it in. The burning intensified, but the tickle didn't seem inclind to result in any more sneezing. It was just a constant torment in the very back of my nose. I tried blowing with little success -- I suppose I hadn't given it enough time to build up any mucus to expell. So I reached for my last resort -- my pencil lead.

Tissues in my hand, I put the lead up my nose and twisted it until I found a sensitive spot, close to the pepper's burning. It took a little fiddling, and the build-up was fairly lengthy. My breath began to hitch, almost making me cough, the tickle infuriatingly close to making me sneeze. I began to feel my eyes tearing, which rarely happens, and withdre the pencil lead just as I could feel the sensation at its peak -- hih... hih... hiii... HEH-ISHHHKKK. Another fairly dry sneeze that did little to alleviate the burning. I tried again in the other nostril, grabbing another tissue as I did. Again, the build-up was lengthy and difficult, the quick intakes of breath catching in my throat and almost making me cough. But this attempt was more successful. Finally, after a lot of hitching, I let loose two sneezes -- hih-eshkkk! HUPSHEWWWW. The second burst from my nose, filling the tissue I held up to it. I needed to blow my nose, but the tickle remained. I pressed the tissue to my nose as my breath began to hitch again. Again, it was slow -- but I couldn't stop to blow my nose, and couldn't encourage it with my pencil lead until I did. So I sat there and let it build, the ticklegrowing stronger and wrestling with my breath until finally, after several deep gasps, I sneezed a third time -- eh... heh... hih... hi-hi-HISHOOOO.

Finally free to blow my nose, I used up six tissues before I decided I was done. My upper lip is burning now as well as the back of my nose from the pepper. I've moved up to my room now and may induce a few more before I go to bed -- though silly me, I didn't bring my tissues, and being such a rare sneezer, I don't keep a box in my room. I do, however, have an emergency handkerchief in my back pocket. That'll have to suffice along with a pillow to muffle the sneezes so my parents across the hall don't hear.

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Great obs! :rolleyes:

If you care to experiment with that again, you may want to put the pepper on something (like a feather maybe) and then just tickle under your nose with it. It seems to have a better reaction then direct inhalation.

Keep up the good work! :laugh:


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An excellent self-obs! The inducing details are wonderful, especially the feelings during the different inducing techniques and buildups. It sounds as if the pepper plus method could be a future winner. It can be nice to prep the nose with pepper before other methods are used.

Isn't the pencil lead very fragile? If I'm thinking of the right thing, somethhing like the cocktail stick method would be more variable.

And welcome to the forum.

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Thanks for the introduction.

You are right to keep on experimenting. It's not easy to find out the best way to induce and I have talked so quite a few sneeze fetishists who took a very long time to discover the best way. You sound as if you are well on the way.

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i like the idea of the pencil lead....;) that's good. works for me too. you're lucky pepper works for you. just burns my nostrils.

haha i have emergency hankies too :mellow: hidden away in a drawer for when i really need them....B-P

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that was written so well! :lmfao: and yeah, welcome! ^^

omg...we dont HAVE any white pepper in my house!! *pouts* and the other stuff just burns my nose... :nohappy:

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:D I don't have White pepper in my house, just the other stuff, so my no. 1 indusing method is a fake DS stylus. Y'know, those useless styluses with the fake tip that you get in the unofficial accessory packs. They work wonders. :3
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